Kcon 2014 Anyone?

Okay, who is going to be at Kcon this year? Show of hands.
My sister and I will be heading out to LA to enjoy this event, but we know like nothing about LA, or anyone there. So can anyone give us any advice on where to go (outside of kcon, sightseeing) cool places to eat and so forth?


OK so I’ve not been terribly inspired lately with this blog, but a few things happened to me personally that inspired this vent.

SOOOO your relatively embedded, into the kpop fandom and love all of your oppas, you watch current airing dramas an even watch a few old ones of oppas you stan, you learnt the menu at your favourite Korean restaurant off by heart and are on first name terms with your bubble tea shop owner. 

So what next, well you have your normal school friends who wouldn’t know the difference between Exo and Super Junior and then you have a certain section of friends who can recognize idols from just their abs LOL. 

See if you can recognize a few ?




(Jaejoong,Jay Park and Kikwang if your interested LOL)

So friendships groups, how do you handle your different friendship groups, do you drop non kpop friends for fellow kpop friends, do your local friends make you yearn for your online Kpop friends, do you TRY and convert your friends into fellow kpop fans, bombard them with Kpop till they submit to Oppa like you did or do they ignore the addicting shiny, strange, noisy, world of Kpop oppas.

Well the answer is all of the above really, but my question is what do you do after, so you have a certain circle of friends who like certain idols, some who watch dramas only or films, all within your hallyuwave loving friends.

Well lets get one thing straight Kpop/Hallyuwave is a NICHE no matter how much you argue online or with your nonkpop friends. Just cause PSY has a billion views does not make Kpop a mainstream market, it is kitsch, a niche a novelty that shall and will fade till the next novelty cool marketable thing comes into being. 

When the novelty of your obsession wears off, all you are left with is a strange friendship where instead of saying hello you ask your kpop friends what dramas they are watching, did they see such and such MV or whats the latest gossip/scandal about oppas.

Is this a friendship or the symptom of the empty nature of being a Kpop fan, we fall into habits and not very healthy ones, DON’t ignore your REAL friends unplug that laptop, ipod, smart phone and nurture those friends and families around you not your KPOP crush, I believe this is more healthy then any unhealthy crush you have on Oppa and truthfully your Oppa could do with a break too.


Opinions are my own and do not reflect on anyone or anything in particular.

We’ve waited long enough for Bigbang’s comeback. Please promise to perform again as 5 after 3yrs. Ure one of my most favourite Bigbang cover group and we had a friendship worth keeping. Love u guys ♥♡♡

Walang iiyak sa 24. Kunwari my enlistment lang! Gnun hahahaha