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#10 'Imagine How Small They're Going To Be'

Me and You Forever: ‘Imagine How Small The’re Going To Be’ One Shot #10

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** A little protective and over-excited Harry for you guys. This one is definitely one of my favourites. I do love a pregnancy imagine, with Harold. He’s extremely adorable! **

PROMPT: Hi love! Could you write an imagine for the daddy harry series where Harry and the missus are going baby shopping for the first time and Harry is a bit overexited, please? That would be lovely! :)

Click on the ** for visuals, adding some image to your reading. Enjoy. xx


- - - - -

"So… What time are Louis and Eleanor coming to get us? I seriously need my lie-in.. You and your hormones kept me up most of the night.." He smirked, as he watched you run a brush through your damp hair. A towel wrapped around your body, the small water droplets still lingering on your skin. 

"Excuse me.. You didn’t turn me down, now. You could have" You giggled, staring at him through the mirror. "But, seriously… You need to get up if you need to shower and stuff. We’ve got 2 hours" You smiled, placing your brush down on the dresser. 

"Ugh… Couldn’t you have organised a later time? You know… Like tomorrow" He pouted, crossing his arms behind his head. His tattoos becoming more prominent under the light from the window. "I don’t know why me and Louis have to come. You’re going shopping for clothes, for when we go away with my family. I don’t need to go" He sighed, as you turned around, waltzing over to the wardrobe.

"Me and El were going to go into baby stores as well. I mean, I’m 5 months and we haven’t been looking at much clothes and stuff. So, after we’ve been shopping, we were going to look around" You smiled, opening the wooden door. "I thought you’d want to come with us… You come because it’s your baby, and Louis can keep you company" You smiled, as he kicked the duvet from his naked body. His legs swinging over the edge of the bed.

"Well.. I wasn’t told you were going baby shopping. I thought me and you were doing online baby shopping" He stated, as he stood up from the bed. "But, now I know we’re baby shopping, I’m coming. I wouldn’t miss that chance" He grinned, walking over and pressing a kiss to your damp hair. 

"I was hoping you’d say that.." You smiled, picking up a knitted sweater and washed out maternity jeans. "I knew you wouldn’t miss that chance, mister" You grinned, as he snatched the towel from your body.

"I’ll be taking this, since you’re changing" He smirked, pinching at your bum playfully. "Now, as much as I love your cute little bum, hurry and change" He grinned, walking into the bathroom, giving you a shake of his bum before closing the door to your laughing figure.

- - - - -

"So, what are you planning on buying for the family trip? I’m thinking a bikini. You cannot hide this beautiful bump" Eleanor smiled, as she ran a palm over your belly. Your eyes scanned the swimwear, your mind wandering to how you’d look. "Seriously… I swear this is perfect. A red polka-dot one would go great. Come on.. Show of your bump" She begged, as she pulled the white and red polka-dot bikini*** down from the hanger.

"El.. I feel insecure with this bump right now. I don’t feel like showing off much skin. I’ve got stretch marks, my boobs are bigger, and my arms and thighs are flabby" You sighed, as he held the hanger on her finger. "Harry wouldn’t want to see me in that anyway.."

"Oh, that’s utter rubbish as you know it. He loves you, and this bump is his favourite thing. I swear, he’s more in love with your bump than he is with you" She giggled, as her eyes looked over your shoulder to the two men outside the shop, conversing in pretty much anything that came to mind.

"Oh, shut up.." You giggled, as you stared at the bikini. "I don’t know if it’ll fit.." You whispered, as he pushed it into your grip. 

"Just, try it on. We’ll get Harry to come and have a peek as well. I’ll have another look round for something you’d like, and we’ll see what you think" She smiled, as she ushered you towards the changing room. 

- - - - -

"So, are you excited?" Louis asked, as he knocked his knee to Harry’s, removing Harry from his daydream. "You’ve been happier these last few days. It’s a nice look.." He chuckled, as Harry smiled softly. 

He hadn’t really realized his emotions changing. He just went along with however he felt. He did have to admit, he felt a lot happier whenever he was around you. He felt like he could do anything with you beside him. You were his sunshine, and he was always honoured to be there beside you. Sharing his life with you, and creating new lives made from love. 

"I am. I’m really excited. She’s been a trooper recently, and it’s just.. I don’t know" He smiled, as he stared at the shop you were in. "She’s just incredible. I mean, seeing her bump grow is probably the best thing you’ll ever witness" He sighed happily, as Louis chuckled, patting his back.

"Everytime we see her, Eleanor gets envious of her. Your missus is literally glowing. She’s looking fabulous, and I’m being serious" Louis smiled, as he crossed his ankles, sticking them out in front of him. "How is she feeling though? She looks really tired today.."

"Eh.. We had some sickness spells this morning. And I mean, early this morning. She couldn’t keep anything down. I tried tea. Toast. Water. Nothing was being kept down" He smiled, as Louis gave him a look of disbelief. "I’m serious… And we had a bit of fun last night. Her hormones were all over the place, bless her. She was crying because she was so turned on. I mean, hysterically crying" He chuckled, his mind wandering back to the night before.

- - - - -

"Harry! This sucks.." You whispered, your lips trembling as he walked into the bedroom, his bare feet melding into the carpet beneath him, the laundry basket placed under his arm and resting on his hips."I really want you" You cried, a tear slipping down your cheek.

"Hey.. What are you crying for?" He chuckled, kneeling in front of you, placing the basket on the floor, and placing his hands on your thighs. "Stop this…"

"Harry.. You never have sex with me anymore! I feel you don’t love me enough" You whispered, your tears dripping onto his hands. "Is it because I’m pregnant? I’m fat and heavy. I’ve got stretch marks and fat on my thighs. I get it.. I just… I really freaking need you" You hissed, running your hands through his strands of hair hanging from his ponytail.

"Then why not just tell me, baby? If you are horny, how could I turn you down, eh?" He chuckled, as he stood up, hunching over and pressing a kiss to your nose. 

"God.. You drive me crazy, Harry! Why do you do this to me?! All I get is tingles in my tummy, and my vagina is always in want of your penis!" You cried, as he chuckled, cupping your head in his hands. "Why is your penis so wanted? I hate this!" You cried, as he stifled a burst of laughter, his thumbs running under eyes.

"Baby.. Where’s all this coming from? Do you really want to have sex?" He asked, as you blushed and nodded. "Then come on then… If my girl is craving sex, I must live up to that craving. Like when you crave peanut butter and Nutella together.. I make it for you, don’t I?" He smiled, watching you nod again. "Then.. Come on then. Let me live up to that" He chuckled, as he moved around the bed.

"You know.. I love you. A lot" You whispered, as you fell back against the bed, feeling his presence above you.

"I love you more, missus" He whispered, as he placed his lips to yours.

- - - - -

"Harry… We need you in here. Your missus wants your opinion on something.." Eleanor said, as Louis looked up, his hands stretched out for her. "She’s debating" She smiled, as Harry stood up, his boots clicking against the floor as he made his way into the shop.

"Baby… What one are you in?" Harry asked, as you stuck your arm out of the curtains. "What’s wrong, sweetheart? Eleanor said you’re debating about something…" Harry said, as you poked your head out of the black curtains, looking at him. Your cheeks stained with tears.

"Harry.. I feel awful" You whispered, as he walked over to you, standing in front of you. "I look terrible. I don’t even want to buy a bikini for this holiday. I’m just going to stay inside the hotel when we arrive. I’m not coming out" You whispered, as he pushed the curtains open, his sight softening as he looked at you stood in the black polka-dot bikini*** Eleanor had also picked out. 

"Hey.. You look gorgeous. I mean, you do, seriously. Baby, don’t be so insecure" Harry whispered, as you looked down at your bump, covered by the stretch of the material. "Baby, you look beautiful" He smiled, as he ran a hand over your bump. "Doesn’t mummy look beautiful, eh?" He asked, as he looked down at your bump. "She does, doesn’t she?" He smiled, crouching down and lifting the material over your belly.

"Harry, we’re gonna head out f-" Louis began, before he stopped under the archway of the dressing rooms. "You guys…" He smiled, as he pressed a hand to his chest. "I swear… You guys are just.." He chuckled softly, as Eleanor walked in. 

"Oh my god! You look incredible! Buy it! Just buy it! Heck, buy them both. You look gorgeous in both!" She cried, as she placed a hand on Louis’ shoulder. "Please… My god!" She giggled, as you smiled softly, running your hands through Harry’s hair.

"It’s settled then… We’ll get both" Harry grinned, as he stood back up, pressing a kiss to your bump. "Now, get dressed and then we can get lunch. I’m sure you’re both hungry" He grinned, as he pressed a kiss to your nose.

- - - - -

"So… What exactly are we looking for?" Louis asked, as he walked alongside you, his eyes scanning the shelves of baby prams in Mamas and Papas. "What pram and cot and stuff do you want, exactly?" He asked, as you ran your hand over the wooden rail of a cot. 

"Basically… We just want a pram that will hold the baby, and where it will disconnect into a baby carrier for car rides and stuff" You smiled, as Louis scanned the prams beside him. "I mean, just, anything will do. But me and H have been looking over prams on the website for this shop, and there is one we really love" You grinned, as Louis chuckled.

"You know… Ever since you’ve fallen pregnant, he’s been obsessed with baby bumps. I’m not even joking. When we had that small tour a while back, he was faking out a baby bump, and he kept rubbing his belly.." He chuckled, as you ran a hand over your swell. 

"Hmm.. He wakes me up in the mornings sometimes, talking and kissing at my belly. Everytime he gets a chance to touch or rub my belly, he will" You smiled, as Louis turned to face you. "He’s.. He’s got incredible baby fever at the moment" You giggled, as Louis wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

"He’s loving every moment. It’s crazy to think, that the baby of the band is having a baby of his own. He’s the first to have a baby. So we’re all excited" Louis smiled, as he looked over to Harry and Eleanor scanning the baby clothes. 

"I can’t believe it though. It’s crazy. But, I’m more than happy to be his wife, and to have his baby" You smiled, as you looked over the cot in front of you. "Now, help me walk over to my husband. My back is hurting" You pouted, as he placed a palm on the bottom of your spine. 

- - - - -

He held the small, white spotted dress*** in his hand, the basket on Eleanor’s arm filled to the top. The basket was full of bibs, and beanies. Shoes and tiny converse trainers were set at the bottom, along with a small packet of socks tucked in the corner. Unisex baby grows were filling the rest of the basket up. 

"Harry.. I think we’ve got enough, don’t you think? I mean, your missus told me not to let you go overboard" Eleanor giggled, as she held up the basket on her arm. "I mean.. I have to admit, I got involved, but seriously.. Stop" She smiled, as you walked over to them.

"My god! Harry.. You went overboard" You stated, looking at the baby grows in the basket. "I told you.." You sighed, looking at your husband, as he looked to his feet. His curls covering his face. "Harry.."

"I’m sorry.. I got excited. I mean, look…" He whispered, holding the dress up to you. "I know we don’t know the sex yet, but.. I have a hunch it’s a girl, and I really like this. I mean.. Just, can’t you imagine her, all dressed for her Christening, tucked into your arm. I just…" Harry faded, as you rubbed your hand up his forearm.

"How about.. We find out the sex at the next appointment. And after then.. We can go out and buy clothes then. Me and you" You smiled, as he grinned. "Sound good?"

"Sounds wonderful, baby" He grinned, as you pressed a kiss to the dimple on his cheek.

"What do you think it will be? Girl or boy?" Louis asked, as you looked at the baby grows for boys.

"I want it to be a boy. I can just see our clumsy old Harry here teaching him football in the garden. Talking to him about girls, and helping him with girl troubles. I just.. I want to have a boy, but a girl would be just a good" You smiled, squeezing Harry’s hand.

"Well.. I want a girl. I have a hunch it’s a girl. I know it’s a girl" Harry grinned, as he looked at the dress in his hands.

… A definite hunch.

- - - - -

Oh my goodness! I loved writing this one. It was extremely adorable to write. Thank you to who requested it. I loved it. :))

Now, I hate to put a downer upon this, BUT…

IMPORTANT: I’m not going to be very active next week. I have my Sociology exam on Tuesday, and my Psychology exam on Thursday next week and I’ve been studying like crazy for them. Of course I’ll let you know how it all went. And I’ll still be here to talk to you. I just won’t be writing the next One Shot until the weekend/the week after.

I love you all. 

Emily-Jayne. x :))



Harry always found himself stumbling upon the hills where he grew up. The meadow over his house, down the lake, near the tree where he had his first, real kiss. Home was home. His mom, his dad, his sister, no matter how famous he got, no matter where he was, home was still home. 

"Hey," you leaned against the doorway leading into the kitchen. "Gem’s coming over soon." 

Harry was sat in the chair next to the kitchen island, with his chin in his palm. His eyes were fixed on the laptop screen, scrolling through work e-mails and Twitter posts. “Alright,” he mumbled. 

You headed over to the fridge and grabbed a water bottle, “I have to stop by work for a little bit but I’ll be back later tonight.” You leaned over to face him across the island and took a sip of your water. “So it’ll just be you and Gem.” 

He looked up from the screen and pouted like a baby, “Do you have to go?” He opened his arms and waited for you. You chuckled and obliged for his hug and his arms wrapped around your waist. His hands snuck down your bum, giving you a small squeeze causing you to squeal. 

"Behave mister," you swatted his arm playfully. "Your sister’s going to be here any minute, we don’t need her catching us in the act of anything." You ran your lips along his, teasing him just a bit. His breathing hitched and his touch sent chills down your back. 

"Well, it’s not like she never has," he countered, leaning in to kiss you. Your lips met and he tasted of peppermint and home.

Your tongues intertwined as he caressed your cheek. Your arms snaked around his neck and your fingers buried themselves under his curls. You tugged on his soft, luscious hair, causing him to moan into the kiss. 

You pulled away, coming up for air. “I have to go, baby.”

You took a shuddering breath as he shook his head. “No, stay.” He pulled you in closer, refusing to let you go and began nuzzling into your neck. 

"C’mon Harry, I’m going to be late," you pushed back and he gave in. You quickly pecked his lips before reaching for your purse on the counter. 

You headed towards the door and he followed behind as you grabbed your keys from the bowl sat on the table next to the door. “Okay, so I’ll be back aroun-” Before you could finish, he tugged your arm and spun you towards his chest. His hand pulled you in and he kissed you one last time. The kiss lingered before the two of you slowly disconnected. Your eyes remained shut, wishing you could stay in this moment for just a little longer. 

He leaned over and his lips grazed against your ear, causing your entire body to shiver. “I love you,” he whispered. 

You brushed your lips past his neck and dropped a small kiss, “I love you too.” 


The doorbell rang and Harry rushed towards the foyer, grabbing the knob, opening the door to see his bright-haired sister. “Hiya,” she chirped, opening her arms to hug her missed brother. 

"Hey Gem," he mumbled into her shoulder. He let her in and she made her way over to the family room. She dropped down onto the couch and spread her arms across as Harry laughed, watching his sister welcome herself into his home. 

"Do you want anything to drink?" He yelled from the kitchen, already grabbing two glasses for wine. 

"Yeah," she hollered back. 

Harry walked back over to the family room, handing Gemma her glass. “Thanks,” she said. Harry lifted her legs that were sprawled across the couch and sat besides her, placing her legs back on his lap. “So where’s your sweetheart?”

"She had to stop by work for a bit," Harry answered, smiling down, recapturing the moment you two had shared before leaving. 

"What’s that smirk, huh?" She poked his dimple, teasing him like how a big sister would. 

He pushed her hand away and nudged her playfully. “What’s going on?” She continued, taking a sip of her wine.

He shook his head at his sister and continued to blush. “I just, I’m- I’m so in love with her,” he admitted. 

His sister’s heart warmed to the sound of love that she heard from him. She could tell he loved her and she could tell you loved him. You made him happy and crazy, hard in love. “Yeah, yeah, I know you are,” she smiled. “I can tell she makes you really happy, H.”

"So happy," he added. "When I’m with her, e-everything else seems to fade away and she’s the only one there." His eyes were focused on the floor and he continued to ramble on about you without any thought. "She doesn’t care about the fame, the money, Harry Styles. She cares for me, she’s not without flaws as am I and I love her. God, I love her. I’m so lucky to love her, Gem."

She was speechless with tears ready to fall from her eyes. She’s never seen this kind of love where one could simply break without the other. 

"I-I think she’s the one," he smiled, finally looking up over to Gemma. 

Gemma hadn’t realized she was crying until Harry brushed his thumb across her cheek. He sat his wine down on the table and pulled her in for a hug. “Why are you crying?” He asked as he stroked her hair. 

She pulled back and took a shaky breath, “I’m just so happy. She’s perfect for you and I’ve never seen someone who could love another the way you do for her.” 

Harry smiled. “I love you, Harry. And all I want is for you to be happy the way you deserve to be.” 

"I am happy. I can’t imagine a life without her." 

And with that, he was certain she was the one. 


This was too cute to write! I can literally picture Harry and Gemma having a moment like this.

Thanks to the help of the one and only, Elizabeth! 

Let me know what you guys thought and continue to send in requests :) Love you. 

Nicole. Xoxo