with all those black oil stains on their faces, matched with a ragged look and a masculine mechanic state background.. how can they even pull that very strong charisma?!

OMG. Can I have your permission to save myself from this overwhelming job of being your Orange Princess? /NO NOT COMPLAINING/


Discovery of Romance Ranked 6th on jTBC Ssulzun's 2014 Most Talk About Dramas


On jTBC’s Ssulzun episode on Dec.18, they did a ranking of what sparks most people’s interest in 20014.  For dramas category, Discovery of Romance ranked 6th.  Below is Ssulzun’s 2014 top 10 talked about dramas.

  1. Misaeng (tvN)
  2. You Who Came From The Stars (SBS)
  3. Jang Bori Is Here (MBC)
  4. It’s ok It’s Love (SBS)
  5. Secret Love Affair (jTBC)
  6. Discovery of Romance (KBS)
  7. Jeong Do Jeon (KBS)
  8. Bad Guys (OCN)
  9. Mama (MBC)
  10. God’s Gift – 14 Days (SBS)

Source: Eric’s DC Gallery +  SERA216 +EricMun Tumbr

"I know that changing Hiro’s ethnicity from full Japanese to half Japanese is problematic on Disney’s part but I still am glad that the change happened. I’m a half Japanese male and growing up I felt I neither looked like Shang or Eric so I felt like I missed out on finding representation in my childhood so I’m glad that more biracial characters are being made in the media today."