Hey everyone!

So there is this new show on the CW called “The Messengers”. The second episode is premiering tonight (April 24th) on the CW at 9:00pm!

My uncle, Todd Lawson (pictured-photos by me), is going to be in the episode tonight! He has been trying to land an acting job for a very long time, and this could be a big break for him. He suffers from a Bipolar disorder, as does my brother, and it is often hard for him to find a job.

If you are staying in tonight, PLEASE consider watching it, i’m really proud of him and it would mean a lot to me and a lot to him. :)

Thanks guys!

The Flash Promotional Image Teases Barry's Future - Justice League Easter Egg

The Flash Promotional Image Teases Barry’s Future – Justice League Easter Egg


A promotional image of The Flash, released via the show’s official Facebook fan page teases the future of the Scarlet Speedster.

You thought The Flash could not have any more revelations this season, after all, Harrison Wells/Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne is a character with a plethora of secrets that has brought many twists and turns to the story. I was wrong about the show’s ability to reveal…

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anonymous asked:

Fuck Mary. What she's done is unforgivable. What Francis is terrible too, but he didn't not cheat on Mary and plot to run away with Lola while leaving the country and abandoning France. Having an affair is always a terrible disgusting thing

part 2: And Mary is a terrible and disgusting human. He reasoning for cheating on Francis makes no sense, and her way of “healing” pisses me off because it’s unrealistic and offensive. Someone who is raped does not see the sexual comfort of another man

having an affair that your husband knows about…and says he won’t do nothing about it? at the time at least

y’all are forgetting the position of women at that time…they are all scorned women, Greer was cast away because of something her husband did (he didn’t even do it), Kenna was forcibly married to somebody she did not know because the king used her (don’t even begin saying she used him…she liked what he gave her at one point, yes, but she was so young and he was much older and powerful and she had no choice), Catherine was almost killed for something her husband did all the time, Lola has literally almost no power over her own life or any chance of marrying somebody because she slept with somebody once and had a baby with him, Claude tried to own her sexuality so she would not be used as leverage all the time but in the end that’s all women are, leverage and objects, and so is Mary, even as a queen she has virtually no power over her own life, and also, what you said about rape victims is very ignorant because: there is no rule as to how a victim is supposed to react and you certainly do not know the best how she should react…just because you don’t like what she’s doing does not mean it isn’t a valid way of coping…at least she is trying to own up to her mistakes, trying to own what she did, trying to be happy for once! she is trying to be in control of at least something

if this was a normal situation in this time and day, she would have probably divorced Francis, actually she would have never married him in the first place because she would not be obliged to, to save her throne and her life, so please shut the fuck up and stop acting like you know everything about survivors of rape because that frankly pisses me off, and the way this fandom is insensitive to what she has been through and how everybody is saying how she should react and how she should get over her violent rape…it disgusts me because you’re giving everybody else a chance to get better, but her, just because you’re only looking out for Francis and his feelings

What my mom said while I made her watch Supernatural with me

“Oh it’s that ghost show you always talk about”
“It’s unnatural how much you talk about this show”

“He is very pretty” 

“I wish my hair looked like that”

“Is this the guy you cry over?”

“Are they…” *long silence* “…together?”