Probs going to get hate for this but I just want to state some facts.

And I can say what I want - and I’m not saying that I’m right, or what people are saying is wrong, but people need to understand all the influences here. Also - I’m completely all for being yourself and accepting beauty in every standard. 

I completely understand that white washing is absolutely horrible because every culture is beautiful in every aspect possible and a lot of if has been wiped out by oppression from Caucasian people for so long and now that people are finally taking a stand, it’s amazing to see.

But a lot of people don’t seem to culturally understand that a lot of the ‘fair/white/ivory’ skinned mentality in Asian countries, historically (not saying that it’s completely influenced by this now), comes from something completely different than the idea that most International fans have - that ‘I want white/fair/ivory/whateverhaveyou skin because white people have it and that’s popular and beautiful.’ It stems from the idea that in ancient society, throughout a lot of Asian countries including India, China, Japan, and Korea for example, the idea of fair skin comes from those who were of higher societal status - because they could afford outside help rather than doing such work themselves so they were much more pale than the average middle and lower class person. It is the same idea as Victorian Europe - to have pale skin and be pudgy because it was a show of not having to work in the elements and having enough food to eat you were heavier than everyone else. In modern times, being fairer has become normal to beauty companies such as TonyMoly, EtudeHouse, etc… but a lot of that has been changing. The Face Shop where I buy my face cleansing products have a lot of workers who love their tan skin and encourage women to have a healthy glow. 

I’m not excusing some idol’s behavior though, as some of it has been quite racist and terrible over the years - but there is so much culture difference between international fans worlds and the world of Korea that people need to take a step back and immerse themselves to have an understanding of the later and then form an opinion. Don’t blindly follow what others post/write/etc - do some research and make your own opinion about something. 

You don’t have to believe anything I say and argue with me and what not… or you can think about it and come up with your own idea and we can have a discussion about it. I’m so open to what others have to say that I can listen to anything with an objective mind.



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