Systems with Littles: I need some help

I have a Little, named Bobo, and I am unsure how to take care of her.

Let me preface this. I still live in my abusive situation, work and go to school, meaning that I have almost no time for her to front. I’ve heard a lot of conversation about raising Littles, and I haven’t really done that.

She’s…noticeable, so my main focus has been on repression and keeping her quiet than making her happy. I really, REALLY want to change this. She deserves to be happy, but I’m unsure how to do that without jeopardizing my entire system.

I should add that she has a caretaker, named Silfire, who does take care of her and is very loving with her. But I want to help out as well.

Please, any suggestions would be appreciated. I want to help her.