alright, i’m gonna try and articulate this as best as i can. don’t take it as hate, i tried to be objective and use some common sense in the process. this is pretty long so if you want to read it, consider yourself warned lol. and i didn’t mean to piss anyone off, i’m just being honest after years of being in this fandom and thinking about this.

i took a hiatus because kpop and the fandoms were getting to me, and school started so it was a good time for me. specifically though, i was having an issue with the main fandom i’m in, which is 4minute’s.

i usually don’t have a problem with the fandom, we’re pretty small but really supportive of the girls anyways. but then i thought about it, are we really? the majority of the fandom is hyuna biased and they let all kinds of bullshit happen without so much as blinking an eye. other fandoms fight for all of the members, not just their bias. even i don’t just care about my bias only in a group.

example. when taemin got a solo, there were a bunch of shawols salty about this bc they were looking out for onew and jonghyun. at first i thought they were being irrational but then i thought about it. they were just as concerned about the other members as they were about taemin. taemin had YEARS to become good enough to handle a solo, YEARS. he did not just get popular bc he was hot and popped up with a solo for that reason alone. Even with that, people were on the fence and wanted the most vocally gifted members to have solos instead (not that taemin isn’t, but i think it was a logical thing for them to pick main vocalists). When actual musical talent is involved in the discussion, people’s standards are way higher and they think about things differently. 

meanwhile, 4nias just kinda accept that despite the other girls not having too much wrong with them, well, compared to hyuna, they will always care about and support hyuna more. i actually like hyuna, (i used to be massively hyuna biased). i think she has a sweet seeming personality and she’s a gorgeous girl, but she’d be way more fit to just be a model and a television personality. she doesn’t have musical talent, or certainly not enough to stand alone. her fans like to argue that she’s a rapper not a singer, but like, she’s not that good at rapping either. she, like many other idol rappers, rap because they can’t sing. even at her best (imo) she’s been upstaged by people who are actual rappers and not just kpop rappers assigned to the position. at her worst, she’s still praised because people either can’t be honest with themselves or have literally no taste at all.

i mean, yall can complain about jihyun’s vocals but turn around and defend hyuna’s? claim that sohyun is the worst at everything but pretend hyuna is the best? is this the real life? is this just fantasy?

these vocals? these rap skills? is that really happening?

really? she’s just not good musically. she has great stage presence and dance skills but no musical talent. she’s grown a tiny bit over the years but it’s nothing significant like with taemin or other idols. but that’s ok. not all idols are good musically. some are meant to shine physically and for their beauty/personality. my problem is that she didn’t just shine for those things, she was given three solos plus sub units and will continue to do so — bc cube is terrible at managing but really good at milking the money out of anything — and this fandom will think that’s genuinely fine. meanwhile other fandoms will continue to actually treat all members in a group with some sort of respect.

do you think if minho would’ve been given a solo years ago that shawols would’ve just taken that shit? do you really think they would’ve let the other members be insulted that way? minho’s a far better singer than hyuna btw, but he doesn’t have the full package for a solo and shawols know that. 4nias though? i mean, i’ve ran into way more people pretending that hyuna has it than people willing to be objective for once.

meanwhile taemin waited years until he genuinely improved, not just by a little, but he literally grew as an artist, to do his solo and it’s well deserved. 

meanwhile hyorin is a better performer than hyuna in every way and she’s still not as popular as her.

meanwhile jung hyosung fucking exists and is better.

meanwhile yenny’s entire album was sooooo much better than most typical kpop albums out there. 

meanwhile sunmi’s was the same way.

meanwhile cube’s actual solo female artist gna doesn’t get half the creative effort put into her solos that hyuna does for anything and she’s still super talented and gorgeous.

meanwhile people will still say that hyuna is more popular bc she’s “just better than them”. she gets by on looks, sex, and shock value. let’s be real. a lot of artists do that. she just has no vocals to back it up.

and actually, even with a member pushed more than others in the beginning, i’ve still seen other fandoms handle it well. look at exo. it was the kai show based on how many teasers he was involved in, but somehow all of the members still manage to have a pretty solid fanbase and are appreciated.

speaking of exo, imagine sehun getting multiple solos over other members of the group. he’s gorgeous, he can dance and he’s one of the most popular members, but should he have his own solo promotions? hell no. that was an easy answer for me, but it doesn’t work that way with hyuna. people throw out common sense in that case. 

look at beyonce, she started out in a group and very clearly was the star of the show. but was she untalented musically? hell no. when she finally went solo, it felt like it just made since since destiny’s child was wrongly pushed as the beyonce show for a while despite the other girls having talent. anywho, when bey finally went solo, she SLAYED musically. she proved that it made sense to be an artist alone and now she’s one of the most popular and openly loved artists in the world. i don’t mind her solos, bc she has the talent to back them up. it makes sense.

i don’t really think hyuna’s solo career (as a musician) makes sense. if this were any other fandom where the company didn’t force one member down our throats whilst treating the others like backup dancers (who also carry the vocals oops), then this sorta thing would’ve been discussed, but most of the 4nias i’ve ran into here don’t even really see the talent in the other members compared to hyuna. jiyoon and sohyun are triple threats but they are notoriously slept on and i’m not even being biased. jihyun is a better singer and rapper than hyuna actually but who cares about that right.

even with gayoon, the best technical vocalist in the group, she only started to get the attention she does bc of her looks. she’s always sang well, but when she got super thin suddenly people were popping up everywhere being gayoon biased. it was weird to me. gayoon’s amazing for a bunch of reasons, and yes she’s gorgeous, but it took her physical look to change before people could see that.

tl;dr: whenever someone tells you that looks aren’t enough to make it in music, or they complain that SM or whatever other companies only care about looks, don’t forget that fans are a large part of why this happens. hyuna has a musical career bc of it. looks do matter, sex does sell, and if the fandom, in this case 4minute’s, is only focused on one member 24/7, the other ones might as well not even try. 

[FANCAFE] 140901 - SOHYUN: Thank you 4NIAS~~

Hello `~ my 4niasㅎㅎ

I’m now writing a post on the cafe after coming back from rehearsals for tomorrow’s schedule.ㅋㅋ

For real, this time around, my 21st birthday was a day that I will never forget.ㅎㅎ

I was really happy and August 30 was such a happy day indeed.ㅎㅎㅎI looked at the gifts that fans prepared for me, today.ㅎㅎ Thank you so much~~ I will also read each of the letters sent by 4nias one by one before going to bed.ㅎㅎ

Although it’s an emotion that I’m able to feel each year during my birthday, I really want to express my thankful heart to you.ㅎThe fact that you always generously congratulate me for my birthday makes me all the more thankful.

That’s why I tried very hard to find something to give you in return for making time at a difficult hour to attend my birthday party.ㅎ Since it was my birthday I got congratulated by you all but..I also felt both grateful and sorry because I couldn’t do anything for you in return.ㅎ So just like thatㅋㅋ !! I went to the fancafeㅎ I looked at the list of people who applied and attended my birthday partyㅋㅋ So of course I decided to put on a small event for them all.ㅎ

I wasn’t sure whether you would like it.ㅎ I wanted to wish you a happy birthday too.ㅎㅎㅎㅎSo, I did just that!ㅋㅋ But I’ve made a lot of mistakesㅜㅜㅜ So I decided to write you congratulations cards ..but by only knowing the name and date of birthㅋㅋㅋ I ended up calling a female fan “oppa” …………. Really ㅜㅜ I felt really sorry when handing out the congratulations cards ㅋ ㅜㅜ  One more time ㅜㅜ I apologizeㅜㅜ Even though my congratulations seem very plain in comparaison to the ones I received from youㅜ I wanted to express if not all, a bit of my gratitude to you.ㅎㅎ

Was it alrightㅋ…? ㅋㅋ

Although it was for a short time, I was really happy for being able to spend a good time with 4nias and I enjoyed myself.ㅎㅎㅎㅎ I’m sorry for not personally spending time with each of youㅜㅜThank you so much~ Seeing each of you there, I was so grateful!!!

Thank you so much for making my birthday an even more special day and for wishing me a happy birthday.~~~

My 4minute unnies sent these words to me in a congratulating text message.ㅎㅎ They said “From now on, let’s create even greater memories together.”ㅎ

Everyone, you all are amazing, reallyㅋㅋㅋ I’m grateful for those words that aimed straight for my heart, ㅎIn the future, 4nias and 4minute together as well, let’s make even greater memories, many more of them.ㅎㅎ Thank you ㅎㅎ for standing by our side ~~

Today’s post has gotten a bit serious ㅎㅎ that must mean that I really grew olderㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thank you ㅎㅎㅎ


source - 4minute’s fancafe
translation by yoobin(@ 4MF)
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