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Disculpa el desorden.
Estas son las ruinas
de lo que fui alguna vez.

Estoy tratando de reconstruírme,
pero faltan trozos,
y sobran pequeñas piezas
que ya no encajan.

De vez en cuando,
alguien llega
y de un solo golpe
lo destruye todo.

Y no es fácil
empezar de cero,
con el miedo de saber
que, en cualquier momento,
alguien puede romperme
en mil pedazos
otra vez.

—  Para H.

So yesterday i was watching the whole agrument on twitter from the start, it all started out with Alex being loving and caring, people twisted his words and HE GOT TOLD TO DIE AND GOT CALLED RACIST. There is so much things I want to say about this, but I will just say that no way in hell is Alex racist. He said NOTHING to make people say he’s racist. He just cares about everyone in B’more… his loved ones are there. You would care too if your loved ones were in danger and you were away, wouldn’t you? If anyone wants to argue about this with me then go ahead, i have many things to say and I will defend Alex until the day I die. 

okay but in lalapaloosa’s masterpost about the transphobic tweets directed at harry… harry is not the victim of transphobia and transmisogyny… the actual trans woman that he’s being “compared” to is the victim… the content of those tweets is absolutely transphobic and disgusting but as a cis man harry is NOT the victim here…