“Daisy cares, and if she cares, then I fucking care.” He grabs a bag of mozzarella and returns to the pizza.     “Weddings and proposals—those are supposed to be happy experiences. I don’t want anyone’s judgment ruining that. Daisy deserves one day that belongs to her without any drama, and I can’t give her that yet.”



“The God of Power dyed the mountains red with fire and created land. The God of Wisdom created science and wizardry and brought order to nature. And the God of Courage, through justice and vigor, created life – the animals that crawl the land and the bids that soar in the sky.”


And someone like Zayn, for example, just lets me do what I want. […] we did the AMAs and I got him this beautiful gold Alexander McQueen belt to wear for the performance. We had a fight backstage and I said to him, […] “I don’t care if you don’t talk to me! But you’re gonna wear it!” And he was like, “…Okay, I’m gonna wear it, but I’m gonna take it off after the performance.” And the next day he came up to me and was like, “I’m so sorry, I watched it back, I looked amazing, thank you so much, I totally love you.” - Caroline Watson