Since I haven’t seen a TF2 Ship list which includes ships names for every class combination yet, I took it upon myself to combine all the names out there into one big list for all your tagging needs :D I hope you guys find this list helpful!

Scout ships

Scout: scoutcest

Pyro: flash fire/weenie roast

Soldier: batting helmet

Engineer: Texas two step

Demoman: hop scotch

Heavy:heavy hitters

Medic: blunt trauma

Sniper: speeding bullet/Coffee n Soda

Spy: little wine/cloak and batter

Pyro ships

Scout: flash fire/weenie roast

Pyro: pyrocest

Soldier: fireworks/hot rockets

Engineer: Texas toast/erecting the flames of passion with a literal twist

Demoman: Molotov/ Molotov cocktail

Heavy: hot n heavy

Medic: burn ward/hot pocket

Sniper: bushfire/hot shots

Spy: French toast/French fries/spyro

Soldier ships

Scout: batting helmet

Pyro: fireworks/hot rockets

Soldier: sollycest/rocket hoppers

Engineer: helmet party

Demoman: boots n bombs

Heavy: cold war

Medic: fruit scones

Sniper: American aviators

Spy: freedom fries

Engineer ships

Scout: texas two step

Pyro: Texas toast/erecting the flames of passion with a literal twist

Soldier: helmet party

Engineer: engiecest

Demoman: short fuse

Heavy: heavyneer/heavy metal

Medic: science party/German engineering

Sniper: trucks n vans/Outback Steakhouse

Spy: napoleon complex

Demoman ships

Scout: hop scotch

Pyro: Molotov/Molotov cocktail

Soldier: boots n bombs

Engineer: short fuse

Demoman: democest

Heavy: Black Russian

Medic: Jaegerbombs

Sniper: explosive shots/explosive headshots/swordvan/piss drunk

Spy: bomb voyage

Heavy ships

Scout: heavy hitters

Pyro: hot n heavy

Soldier: Cold War

Engineer:heavyneer/heavy metal

Demoman: Black Russian

Heavy: heavycest

Medic: Red Oktoberfest/birds and bears/heavy medicine

Sniper: Vegemite sandvich

Spy: spoovy/red gauloises

Medic ships

Scout: blunt trauma

Pyro: burn ward/hot pocket

Soldier: fruit scones

Engineer: science party/German engineering

Demoman: jaegerbombs

Heavy: Red Oktoberfest/birds and bears/heavy medicine

Medic: medicest/double dosage

Sniper: bush medicine/vanbulance/urine sample

Spy: gentle surgery/poison dagger/andouille

Sniper ships

Scout: speeding bullet/Coffee n Soda

Pyro: bush fire/hot shots

Soldier:American aviators

Engineer: trucks n vans/Outback Steakhouse

Demoman: explosive shots/explosive headshots/swordvan/piss drunk

Heavy: Vegemite sandvich

Medic: bush medicine/vanbulance/urine sample

Sniper: snipercest

Spy: bloody suit/spyper/great barrier thief/knife party/French kisses down under

Spy ships

Scout: little wine/cloak and batter

Pyro: French toast/French fries/spyro

Soldier: freedom fries

Engineer: napoleon complex

Demoman: bomb voyage

Heavy: spoovy/red gauloises

Medic: gentle surgery/poison dagger/andouille

Sniper: bloody suit/spyper/great barrier thief/knife party/French kisses down under

Spy: spycest/hide and seek

Classes/non-class characters

Scout/Miss Pauling: caught looking

Scout/Saxton Hale: batmann

Soldier/Merasmus: magic missiles

Sniper/Maggie: outback affair/Saxton’s bane

OT3 Ships

Soldier/Pyro/Scout: Offensive orgy

Engineer/Heavy/Demo: defense debauchery

Sniper/Spy/Medic: Support sandvich

Medic/Heavy/Scout: putting up with the brat

Medic/Heavy/Sniper: beaux and arrows

Medic/Heavy/Spy: KG rie

Sniper/Engie/Pyro: hot rods

Sniper/Engie/Spy: slashed tires

Scout/Engie/Soldier: miss American pie

Pyro/Medic/Engie: phosphorus

Pyro/Engineer/Soldier: safety first

Heavy/Spy/Demo: mixed drinks

Medic/Medic/Anyone: double dosage

Sniper/Maggie/Saxton Hale: Australiancest/Australianfest

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All these young pictures are making me sad. It's just blatant proof he's been bleaching his skin, RIP his melanin and real face.

please stop sending in messages like this. it’s not only offensive but rude and unfair to jonghyun because, even fantaken photos that aren’t incredibly edited, usually are whitewashed to a certain extent. it doesn’t just happen with fantaken photos either, but official photos as well. (taemin and minho’s recent photoshoot is a prime example of that.) look at this recent photo and try to say that there isn’t melanin there and this one as well. i shouldn’t even have to be going around to find photos to show this because you shouldn’t be saying things like this, nor should anyone else. i’m honestly flabberghasted that this isn’t even the first message of this sort that i’ve gotten, like…, stop it.

edit: we also have to take into account that jonghyun himself has said he doesn’t go out into the sun often during winter or, really, in general due to his late schedules and general dislike for heat and sunlight, which is also his business, so.

This week Emmy and Angel take you through news on Helix (at 1:05), Damien (1:30), The Whispers (3:25), Cat’s Cradle (4:25), Darkover (5:00), Fear the Walking Dead (5:30), Shadowhunters (6:10), The X-Files revival (7:30), and tv upfronts (8:40). They then chat about CW’s new show The Messengers (9:35), and the possibility of a female led spinoff of Supernatural (41:15).

More info how to support the Wayward Daughters spinoff idea: Petition, Tumblr, & Twitter.

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I’ve used this before but this is what happens when I’m bored and get a new toy.

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ICU Patient Accidentally Sent to Morgue After Nurses Fail to Address ‘Plan for Today’ on Whiteboard

CHICAGO, IL – Investigators at East Hope Memorial Hospital in Chicago are “sickened” by new findings in a neglect case involving an ICU patient.  Reports are circulating that an ICU patient was accidentally sent to the morgue after a nurse failed to address the ‘Plan for Today’ on the patie…

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Vid: fem!Sherlock (Irene as Sherlock & Mary as Dr. Watson)

Vidder: Jun editor

Vid length: 2:08

Relationships: Fem!Sherlock/Fem!John

Rating: Unrated, contains some violence

Summary: Lara Pulver as fem!Sherlock
Amanda Abbington as fem!John


Rec: This is super cool! The vidder has recycled footage from the series to turn Lara Pulver as Irene into a female Sherlock Holmes and Amanda Abbington as Mary into a female John (Joan?) Watson. Even though they never physically share the screen, the editing is done so well you can hardly tell it wasn’t filmed this way. It’s just amazing how well it works and how much chemistry there is between them.

So it was recently brought to my attention that I’ve been getting some poems featured, and since I don’t use mobile, I never see the blue tags. Also I unfollowed the Poetry tag a bit ago out of disgust. There were so many things being featured as poetry that were in no way even related to poetry. Aaaaanywhoozle…

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