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Процесс обработки одной из моих фотографий для группы Count To Six.


Above are two screenshots that briefly illustrate the layout and set up for my Adobe Bridge which is the main program that I use to edit through all of the photographs that I have taken on my work experience period. Using Bridge enables me to easily work through a large amount of photographs, and with the use of the ‘star rating’ system I can select off the best photographs that are to be used as well as select out a possible back up of other photographs that could also be used. Not only this but I can also select off using the left side panel of ‘Filter’ to look specifically at the star rated photographs. As shown in the screenshots above I am primarily selected on to the photographs that have a 2 star rating, these being the photographs that I have selected that I feel represent the best and loveliest points of the wedding that I shot. 

Whenever I am required to create contact sheets as well, I can more than easily do this within this program, though for the shoots that I have recently done, I have not created contact sheets. This is mainly because I am still at a stage where I, in some ways, ‘over shoot’ and I have found in the past that due to the over haul of photographs, it can stress out my laptop causing it to crash and close Bridge whilst sorting out the contact sheets. 

I used this program to organise and edit down all of the photographs from each shoot done during this work experience period and it has been extremely useful with giving me the opportunity to check the sharpness of images and to compare some of the photographs as well before beginning to actually edit the photographs.