High Speed Liquid Flowers by Jack Long At first glance, these incredible images look like still-life portraits of flowers. But far from being drawn in the traditional way, they are created by photographing fast-moving droplets of paint as they fall through the air. Artist Jack Long, 53, spends months painstakingly planning and testing each work before capturing them with a high-speed camera.

Friendly reminder that in a visual medium (especially in an animated 20-something minute cartoon like Legend of Korra), there’s a very specific sort of language used to tell queer stories, especially to tell them while skirting content censorship, here and overseas.

And Bryke just composed a two and a half minute SONNET in that language. They chose to end what will most likely be the last we ever see of the Avatar universe with two women holding hands and looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. That was not subtle. I would be less more surprised if someone shouted “I’m going to hit you with this brick!”, and then they hit me with a brick.

Rule #1 of cinema: if it looks queer, it’s supposed to look queer.