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I Dunno

Word Count: 902

“Hyung, where’s the milk bottles?”

“I dunno.”

“Hyung, have you seen Taehyung’s bib? It’s not on his high chair.”

“I dunno.”

“Hyung, do you know where Namjoon’s piano toy is?”

“I dunno.”

“Hyung, can you look up that recipe for homemade playdoh? Seokjin wants to make it…”

“I dunno.”

“Hyung… Where’s Jung Kook?”

“I dunno.”

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Lost Without Him (request)

You looked over at your boyfriend of three years, sleeping peacefully beside you and you felt the breath leaving your lungs. An overwhelming feeling of disgust washed over your whole being. You could be next to him any longer. A sob racked your body as you climbed out of the bed. You went into the kitchen and sat at the table. Your tear fell onto the placemat that laid beneath your hands. You covered you mouth and choked down another sob. You’d found text messages and pictures of other girls in his phone. It all made sense he hadn’t touched you in months and you’d figured it was just stress. You wanted to wait until the morning to talk to him. You were hoping by that time you could made a solid choice. Your friends had told you to fight for him. They all told you to confront him and work things out. You thought seriously about staying with him, but that’s not what you wanted. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him much less love him again.

As you sat at the table, you pulled out your phone. You decided to call the one person you knew you could rely on. As the phone rung, you became nervous; you hadn’t talked to him in a while. “Hello…” His voice was muffled and rough like he’d just waken up.

“Hey, Yoongi its _______.” You whispered. “I’m sorry I really didn’t mean to wake you.” You voice shook from the recent crying and you tried to sounds as steady as possible.

“What’s wrong? What’s going on?” he answered quickly noticing you distress. Yoongi had known you for the longest time. He was the one who thought you to lie when you were both children. You knew you couldn’t get anything past him.

“Can you come pick me up from my boyfriend’s house? I need help moving some of my things.” You stammered hoping you wouldn’t sound to desperate.

“What did he do to you? I’ll kill him if he laid a hand on you.” You hear him growl, his voice sounded darker.

“He didn’t. I just leaving him. I’m fine. I just need you here with me.” You sighed

“I’ll be there in 10 min.,” he muttered hanging up the phone. You stood up and tip toed in the bedroom. You slowly open the draws on the dresser and pulled out the stacks of the cloths. After removing everything, you moved to the closet. As you slid back the door the creaked, causing your boyfriend to shift in the bed. Breathing a sigh of relief, you started to collect your things.

“Babe, what are you doing?” You stiffen as you hear a voice behind you. “Why are you packing your things?” The voice said. You stayed still not wanting to look at him.

“I’m leaving.” you stated bluntly. You continued to pack your things and you only heard silence behind you. After you were done, you turned around to leave without glancing his way.

“How long have you known?” you heard him say.

Still not looking at him, you replied “Only a day, but that long enough.”

“So that it? You’re not even going to try? After all we’re been through?” He said. You could hear the forced pain in his voice. He stood up from the bed and moved closer to you. “You owe our relationship more than this.”

You snorted and looked his directly in the eye, “And you were working on saving our failing relationship when you slept with all of those girls?” You said coldly. “Face it we haven’t been in love for a year now that’s not make this harder than it needs to be.” You quickly took you things and walked towards the front door. You could hear him chasing behind you. Suddenly you felt a sharp pain on you wrist. You boyfriend spun you around and pinned you against a wall. His hot breath ran down you neck and you struggled against him.

“No you’re mine.” He said before trying to kiss you. You screamed, kicked, and tried to get away from him. Suddenly someone kicked the door in. In an instant, your boyfriend was laying facedown on the floor. You felt two warm hand touch your face. You see Yoongi staring at you worriedly.

“Are you ok princess?” he said, looking you over. You nodded and clung to him drinking in his presence. You let him hold you as you processed the situation. He moved to pick up your bags as you followed behind him. Just before you, two walked out the front door Yoongi stopped. He turn around just as your now ex boyfriend was picking himself up off the floor. Yoongi looked him in the eye fiercely “Don’t you ever come near her again. If I ever find out that you’ve even breathed her air I’ll fuck you up.” He snarled before marching out the door and down the steps.

The car ride to his house was quiet. You could tell he was angry and you honestly couldn’t tell what emotions you were feeling. You felt happy and relived that you didn’t have to deal with him anymore, but by the time, you reached his house you started to feel sad. You thought about all the time and effort you’d wasted on someone you didn’t love.

You sat on Yoongi couch as the full weight of everything hit you. You didn’t work much because you were splitting the bills with him. Without him, you wouldn’t be able to afford your own place. Yoongi sat beside you and rubbed your back. “Are you ok,” He asked. “I think I got a little carried away back there.” He rubbed his head absently. “It’s just when I heard you screaming I lost it.” His eyes darkened as he remembered what happened. You shuttered as you thought of what could have happened to you if he wasn’t there.

“Thank you” You muttered as you smiled at him. “I’m going to make a few call and find a place to stay for a while. I’ll be out of your way soon.” You said standing up from the couch.

“No, you’ll stay with me.” He stated firmly “And don’t even try to say no I insist.” To farther prove his statement he picked up your bags and brought them into his room. “You’ll sleep in my bed. I’ll stay on the couch. Eventually I will have Jimin loan me his spare bed. You nodded and followed him into the room.

He set your stuff in the corner of the room and you plopped down onto the bed. Suddenly you realized how tired you were. “I think I’m going to take a nap in here, if that’s ok.” You said leaning back to the bed.

“Yeah, no problem. Make yourself at home,” He said a he handed you some blankets. “You do live here now.” He left the room closing the door behind him. You got comfortable in the bed, closed your eyes, and tried to drift off to sleep. As you shut you eyes you kept getting flashes of you ex’s face. You were still freaked out by the situation and you didn’t want to be alone.

“Yoongi…” You called. You could hear his footsteps coming closer to the door. He opened it slowly and entered.

“What’s up” he asked leaning against the doorframe. His shirt road up and a bit of his pail stomach showed.

“Can you stay with me? I don’t want to be alone.” You mumbled. Yoongi smiled and climbed into the bed with you. He pulled you closers and snuggled under the blanket. Your back was against his chest and your legs were intertwined with his. You sigh with relief. This is how you wanted to feel, safe. Yoongi made you feel like your ex never could. You suddenly realized how much you cared for Yoongi.

He had always been there for you and you knew He’d never leave you. He made you feel beautiful and loved. He was your everything; you loved him more than anything in the world. You drifted off to sleep with a feeling of happiness that you happened felt since you last saw him.

After a few hours later movement in the bed awakened you. Yoongi was rolling around in his sleep. You turned to look at his face. His brow was crinkled and he didn’t look happy. He was having a nightmare. You shook him; waking him from whatever dream he was in.

His eyes opened; startled he looked around the room before his eyes landed on you. He visibly relaxed when he saw you. Suddenly he pulled you into a deep kiss. You melted into his touch, and his fingers curled in your hair. He pulled back and cupped your face in his hands.

“I thought I had lost you. In dream I got to your place to late and that stupid prink had…” He trailed off. His eyes were like flames. He pulled you closer to him. “I’m just happy you’re ok.” He whispered. You moved to kiss him again and he completely pulled you onto of him.

The kiss turn more passionate as he held you close to him. It felt like all of his love was pour into that one kiss. Your body was one fire and you clung to him never wanting to let him go. Warmth spread in your chest and you gasped you air.

“I love you.” You breathed, a laugh left your lips and you smile down at him. “I love you.” you repeated, you felt over whelmed with happiness. A tear slipped down your cheek as Yoongi sat up.

“I love you too.” He said. “I need you here with me.” He kissed you again but this time it was different. It was needy and full of want. Yoongi rolled on top of you while you kissed him His hands explored your body and you moaned into his lips.

He slowly started to undress you. First came your shirt, then your pants, then he slowly slid off your bra making you squirm from the anticipation. His fingers brush against your skin. The feeling shot through your body. You couldn’t hold on your moans. Yoongi bent over and captured your nipple in his mouth. Your back arched and your grabbed at his hair. He kissed down your body to your stomach. You tensed knowing where he was going to go next.

“Jagi, it’s ok.” He said as he slid your pants down. “I’ll stop if you get uncomfortable.” He told you. You relaxed knowing he wouldn’t force you into everything. Yoongi kissed the fabric covering your core. You whimpered wishing he would move the fabric to the side. He moved you to kiss your thighs. You wiggled and tried to move him closer to where you wanted him. He finally kissed back up to your clothed core.

“Please” you begged. Suddenly Yoongi pulled your panties to the side and slipped his tongue inside of you. “Ohhh” you breathed out. His moved up to your clit, circling it making your thighs clenched around his head. He reached up, grabbed your breast, and pinched your nipples. Your whole body shook with pleasure.

Suddenly he pulled away and climbed back up so you were face to face with him. “I need you now.” He muttered as he lined himself up with you. Before he entered you, he looked into your eyes and asked, “Are you sure you want to do this? We can still stop here if you want to.” You shook your head at him and bit your lip as you waited for the pleasure.

He slipped inside of you slowly. As he began to move inside of you, he kissed every inch of skin available to him. The pleasure started to build in your stomach. “Faster” you whimpered. Your fingers gripped his bicep; you clung to him for dear life. Pleasure shot through your body and your eyes squeezed shut as you embraced it all.

“Yoongi!” you moaned as you climaxed. Your toes curled and your insides tightened around him. He came soon after releasing into you both laid on the bed completely worn out.

“I could stay like this forever.” He said as he pulled you into a hug. “I’m sorry, that your relationship had to end like that, but I’m happy it brought you to me. You smiled at him, laid your head on his chest, and relaxed. You knew you’d have many more happy moments like this to come

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