One of the guardians from the chapel drove; another sat beside him in the front—one I recognized.Spiridon. In the back, Lissa sat with tied hands, another guardian beside her, and on the other side— “They work for Victor Dashkov,” I gasped out, focusing back on Kirova and the others. “They’re his.”

okay but just please sit down with me and consider a sterek vampire academy AU

  • Stiles as Rose, Scott as Lissa, Derek as Dimitri
  • ?????? ALLISON AS CHRISTIAN??? please dont even try and tell me that’s not a perfect match, both are people from noble families who’s trying to not be held accountable for their family’s atrocities and stays strong/doesn’t go down the route of their families for their friends and lovers
  • Stiles as the badass dhampir who takes no shit when it comes to protecting those who he loves, who loves too quickly, who tries to cover it up with sass and hide his pain
  • Scott as the sweet, gentle moroi who’s FUCKING DESTINED FOR THE THRONE???? THIS IS SO PERFECT and come on Lissa’s element is spirit who is that again?? yes thats right SCOTT
  • Part of Dimitri’s appearance description is “Dimitri rarely smiles fully, but when he does, it is usually when he is around the people he is fond of (like Rose)” UHM DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR
  • Both are taciturn, intense, noble little puppies who just want someone to love
  • Dimitri is overwhelmed with guilt that impacts his entire life for the death of Ivan and if you cant make that connection on your own I sincerely have no idea what to say to you 
  • “Despite his mysterious god-like complex, he starts to let his guard down when meeting Rose and opening his heart up to her more than anyone else.” hey its almost exactly like how derek acted when stiles came into his life

in conclusion sterek/VA au is a necessity thank u

Recent Acquisition - Ephemera Collection 

HO ! FOR THE FAIR.  Big Henry County Fair, Jacksonville, Virginia, September 5,6,7,8,9, 1911. An agricultural exposition full of interest. More sights to see. More objects of interest. More exhibits to admire. More pleasure for all. Liberal premiums. Daily band concerts. This will be the biggest event of the year - don’t miss a single day.  Joe Jackson, Pres. Joe Birmingham, Secy.

Alright, so a lot of people, including quite a few of my friends, have been urging me to make this thing 


into an animation.

The truth is, I could do it, but I am just a huge procrastinator. BUT, there is a little less than 2 months before Halloween turns it’s way up, and I figure that might be enough time for me to make something like this. It wouldn’t be too overly fancy, or all that long, but I can animate it.

If you are interested and would like to help voice act one or more of the characters, please visit this link right here for further information.

If things get settled relatively quickly here, the animation should be out just in time for Halloween, if not sooner. And if there is any way that you’d like to help out with this one-time animation other than voice acting, please feel free to shoot me an ask!

If you can’t do anything to help, but want to see this happen, please reblog to share it around! It would help tons.

Tell me why you did it!
  • Tell me why you did it!
  • pyro

"You enter my home, attack me, steal my possessions, then insult me?  I think not." Misora hissed through her teeth. ”Why.”  She spoke plainly, barely hiding her emotions. “Tell me why you did it.”

Recent Acquisition - Ephemera Collection 

Diet found in the back of a scrapbook.
The above list prepared by Dr. H.S. Corey for G. Edmond Massie, convalescent from Typhoid Fever, September 1903.”

List includes: soft part of 3 or 4 oysters, scraped beef sandwich, tender sweetbreads, mush & milk, calf’s foot jelly, and a “thoroughly baked Irish potato”