Is the Doctor "a good man?"

All this talk about “whether the Doctor is a good man” has got me thinking.  That post I reblogged a little while ago, I quoted Patrick Troughton in an interview where he clearly stated that he “didn’t think [the Doctor] was a goodie” (the post is here, but my commentary contains some spoilers for “Into the Dalek”).

To explore Pat’s personal take on this, we need to look at his Doctor.  The Second Doctor shows us incredible extremes.  On the one hand, he is one of the most warm-hearted and fun-loving incarnations, as well as one of the least jaded and bitter (pre-Season 6B, of course).  He loves life, and he loves his companions, who are his family, plain and simple.  There’s a lot of love in that TARDIS, and his companions have the best survival rates (correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the only “companion” Two lost was a fellow Celestial Intervention Agent that he was basically stuck with (i.e, not a companion proper) in one of the novels).

On the other hand, as Pat himself said… Two isn’t a goodie.  In fact, Two can be flat-out dangerous, one of the most dangerous incarnations of the Doctor (right up there with Seven).  And the Doctor in general isn’t a goodie, either.

The rest under a cut because this got long (kinda Two-heavy, but does deal with other incarnations and the Doctor in general, too)—

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