didn’t realize how much overpriced sh*t I ate until I started paying for it with my own $

  • KIND bars
  • larabars
  • naked juice
  • gluten free ANYTHING
  • kevita/kombucha drinks
  • amy’s meals
  • organic produce
  • soy yogurts
  • organic almond/cashew butters
  • :(

feelin very Nonbinary lately… kinda sad i don’t have clothes other than pants/tshirts so i can present differently but also buying clothes is difficult and terrifying and i’m really bad at it so i’m settling for more feminine coded shorts during the summer since i got a lot of hand me downs from mom

September Goals

  • stop being a piece of shit………this will be……………by far……….the hardest goal ok no I’m kidding but actually I do have some goals
  • drink at least 64oz of water a day
  • eat enough food
  • over the weekends I’d like to find That Balance of studying and enjoying myself……..I’m thinking I stay in 2 nights and study (Fridays and Sundays for example) and go out 1 night (Saturdays probably) because I like having my nights in but I always enjoy being out with jake and/or my friends and I can’t look back on these 4 years and regret not enjoying myself enough (((or the opposite and regret not studying enough)))
  • I really want to work on body acceptance and making peace with myself because this is something I’ve been struggling with since January
  • I’m happy with my class participation/talking to people in class and I’d like to keep that up
  • not spend every dollar I come across at Wegman’s lmao sorry @ 3 dollar yogurts….you’re a #treat not a #daily #occurrence
  • my actual biggest goal for this month is I need to decide on my major and meet with my advisor about premed stuff

I was at a party last night and there was a girl there who I thought was really thin and she was my height and we started talking because we both weren’t playing the game of thrones drinking game everyone else was playing and she said something like “I know I’m thin but you’re like really thin, do you mind if I ask you how much you weigh?” And I told her and she said she was 105 and like wow that just makes me realize how screwed up my perception of myself is and she’s a cool girl she’s a senior at a school near mine majoring in history and poli sci but right now I’m walking to the park to take a walk with my guy friend Jared because he lives on campus too I just feel so many feelings

bad at making friends irl because i cannot directly translate thoughts to words fast enough so by the time i’ve got what i want to say ready the moment has passed and i’m lost in the conversation again and just nodding and making “mhm!” “yeah!” “no way!” noises. one time i didn’t answer fast enough when someone asked a question like “who’s your favorite celebrity??” so i texted him back like 3 hours later with “regarding the question you asked earlier (breaks down 3 celebrities into the favorite with Looks favorite with Acting and favorite with The Way They Act in Public)”

so the “food for life GF brown rice wraps” are absolutely amazing

they were 4 for $3.49 

but on commonkindness.com there’s a $1 off 2

so you could get 8 wraps for 6 bucks