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He taught me how to survive by Bembiann

As you already guessed, Lee Everett and little Clementine from S1. It was interesting, and it`s the first time, when i draw Lee ^^
I can talk a lot about my own impressions after this story. But… This is the most touching story in the all games. Clementine is so small here, and she still alive thanks to Lee. Another one story, which showing us a real love. Without any inclinations, extremes. What it is - to become a family without kinship.
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Artwork created for the project “Rock Motel”.

Rock Motel is an Art Book made by more than sixty international artists.
A tribute to the protagonists in the history of Rock, Rock Motel offers a selection of unforgettable performers and musicians, from Elvis Presley to The Black Keys via David Bowie, Arnoud Rebotini, Nick Cave, Metallica, Elliott Smith, Janis Joplin, Jack White and many other.

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I will BEATcher ass into the ground. #NormanReedus #DarylDixon #Thewalkingdead

Keep that hair short by Bembiann

“- Keep that hair short
- I will! I`ll cut it myself!” ©

Okay. I tried to imagine, how Clementine will look, when she`ll grow up. I took her style and facial features, and turned it to a grown young woman. I left her hair and hat… aaand.. the same face, yup. So, meet an adult and freaking tough Clementine!
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Judith's Special Friend

{This is my first little writing thing I’ve posted on here, guys so I’m warning you, it might not be that good!)

“Come on, Uncle Daryl!” A young girl with light brown pigtails pulled the hand of a older man, causing him to follow her as she lead him into the most secluded part of Alexandria.
“Alright, Judith, Imma comin!” He mumbled, as she stopped at a clear grassy area. “What is it ya wanted to show me?”
Her blue eyes gaze expectantly around as if looking to see if anyone had followed before she looked at Daryl. “I have a secret friend I want you to meet.” She mumbled, her little pink lips revealing a smile.
“A friend?” Daryl repeated, raising an amused eyebrow. He didn’t know very much about children, but he did know sometimes they made up make believe friends. Judith was only about seven years old now, so he figured it was normal and just played along.
“Whats her name, Judy?” He asked, but she didn’t answer. “Judy?”
“Shhh!” The little girl said, her eyes widening. “She isn’t here yet!”
“Oh, oh I see.” Daryl said, putting his hands up in fake surrender. “I’m sorry.”
Judith kept looking out along the long grass, waiting. So Daryl stripped himself of the crossbow that hung over his shoulders and sat down as he waited for Judith’s ‘friend.’
No more than five minutes later, the little girls features brightened. “Look! She’s here!” She squealed, and dashed across the grass until she stopped a few feet away. Daryl had never seen a smile bigger than the one she had on her face right now.
He pulled himself up to his feet, grunting and followed the path that Judy had taken to where her and the special friend were.
“Hello Judy’s friend.” He said, and Judith looked back.
“Isn’t she pretty?” She asked before turning back to the clearing.
“Yeah, she is.” He said, just playing along. “Not as beautiful as you though, Judith.”
She smiled. “She agrees!” The little girl giggled, but silenced after only a few moments of laughter. The seven year old was listening intently to something. Daryl guessed her special friend was telling her something important.
“But why?” She chirped. “I thought he could see you.”
Daryl’s face changed from humor to concern as she said those words. Judith was into this imaginary friend thing. Maybe too much into it. After this, he would have to talk to Rick about her… Imagination.
“Daryl,” Judith said, turning to him. “Can you see her?”
“Oh yes, I can.” Daryl nodded, deciding to would be best to just keep up the act.
“Well, she says you can’t.” Judith crossed her little arms, a pout on her face. “She says you’re lying.”
“Would I ever lie to you?” Daryl asked, but her face didn’t change.
“Maybe.” Judith whispered almost to herself.
“Well let me talk to this friend.” Daryl said, crouching down so he was almost the same height as the little girl, though a bit taller. “What’s er name?”
At that name, Daryl felt like time had stopped. He stared at Judith, eyes wide. That name hadn’t been spoken for years. Judith had never heard it, maybe when she was a young baby but she couldn’t possibly remember her caretaker, could she? He swallowed, his throat feeling as dry as sandpaper when the saliva slid down. He mainly never spoke that name because of how painful it was to speak it. When he heard it, the moment that bullet passed through her forehead constantly replayed in his mind. The moments he and that girl spent in the cabin in the woods and the funeral home also had reappeared. It made Daryl ache when he thought about them, even now after seasons had passed since then.
Daryl shook his hair out of his face, a cough escaping him. “Well, Beth, I’m not a liar, you know that.” He said, glancing hesitantly at Judith, who just looked back and forth between him and the open space in front of them.
“She wants you to stop playin’ games.” Judith said, her eyes focusing on the ground now. “Uncle Daryl, you don’t really see her, do you?”
He slowly shook his head, figuring he might aswell tell the little Grime’s girl the truth now. “No, I don’t.”
“But, she can see you!” Judith protested, turning toward the open space. “Beth! Why can’t he see you?” He never heard such demand in a little childs voice before.
Judith’s eyes started to water as she kept staring. They grew wide, and she then backed away and hugged Daryl tightly, softly sobbing. “She’s hurt, Uncle Daryl.” She whispered.
“Who hurt her?” He asked, hugging the child close.
“A lot of people.” Judith replied. “She has a hole in her forehead.”
Immediately, Daryl now for sure confirmed that Judith’s ’s special friend was Beth. It was his Beth. The girl who had helped him recognize that there was still good people in a crappy world such as this. But how did Judith see her? He remembered someone telling him that children were special, that they saw angels. Of course, he didn’t believe bull like that. But now, he wasn’t sure.
“I think she’s okay,” he whispered reassuringly to little Judith before looking ahead at the grassy plain. “Aren’t ya, Beth?”

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