I’m a white person, this isn’t about me.

Stop changing “black____” to “every____” or “all____” this is specifically about the injustice that black people face. Black people are killed by white cops unjustly so please, don’t make this about white people.

This isn’t about us, we are there to support and be open. We aren’t the victims here.

i’m so happy we basically have it confirmed that monica is taylor’s fave friends character bc she is SO the monica of her friends u can TELL she’s like the glue that holds everyone together and her apartment is so pretty and neat and she loves hosting things and baking and she’s rly competitive i’m #emotional

saying people shouldn’t reblog things about ferguson is down right ridiculous. Yes it’s awful but it’s real. You can’t “escape” reality no matter how hard you try. Stop making things about you. Black lives are more important than you’re feelings.

all this aggitation and it culminated in me going off on someone i dont even know in a mutual group i sometimes hang out with on a friends status because they kept saying this isnt a race issue and that alllivesmatter lets see if i’m ever invited to that group again lmfao

I’m proud of B.A.P for standing up against their company finally. We could all see that TS wasn’t treating them well, and that something had to change. I hope all goes well for them. And I’m sure they’ll stay together somehow ;; I hope they find a new, fairer agency and do what they really want to do.