SM: Mwahahaha let’s make First Love available for 10 hours only

EXO-Ls: *downloads the song, makes remixes, makes a five page review of it, makes audio clips of favorite parts of the song, listens to it for the next fifty years* 

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Can you tell me how the split happened and the lawsuit and all that stuff? I'm still a little confused on it

Basically, JYJ left SM because the contract was abusive, their salaries were disappearing, they had just two hours of sleep a day they had no time to see their families and friends, felt exhausted, lonely and pressured. They had absolutely no freedom and rights to decide anything about the decisions in their schedules. They tried to negotiate for about a year, yet the company just ignored their requests and treated them as if they were children. From the moment they left the company (under threats and blackmail) the company did and still does everything possible to boycott and hinder their careers. 

“A language we couldn’t even speak,
Everyday, we stayed at the place we were living at and our company
They said it was for our own sake and that that imprisonment was not an imprisonment. Extreme loneliness, tears, rage; all of these made us united as one.
Even if anything were to happen by chance, we said that we would not leave each other…”  — Unnamed Song, by Yoochun

“I hate having to think about the days living in a prisoner cell.” (JYJ’s Pierrot by Jaejoong)

“I gathered the courage to request the favour, but what I received was just a cold rejection.
Though I was very angry with his reply, I held it in and requested for the favour again. He hung up. I couldn’t stop the tears which flowed.
I was in a state of confusion over the thought that they weren’t the family that I had believed they were for that period. When he needed us, we were family, When we needed him, we were strangers.” —
Unnamed Song, by Yoochun

"We members looked at each other with excited gazes while facing each other. We praised each other saying that we had worked hard.
But the accounts statement we received at that time recorded that we were at a deficit.
Thinking that I had seen wrongly, I tried verifying again, everything were expenses.
Damn, How could that huge amount have been solely used to cover the expenses?
What kind of expenses? Where did that huge sum of money fly to?
I couldn’t believe it at all so I requested that they show me the detailed statement of the accounts which I had never calculated before.
They said they understood and they would show it to me, but in the end, I never saw those pieces of paper and only worked.”
— Unnamed Song, by Yoochun

"The more we put our heads together to think about it, the more we got a headache.
Lastly, if I were to say just one more thing,
Those things which we did for the company,
Were they truly meant for the company?
Ok, Let’s just say that they were. We are kind and will overlook it.
For us and the company, who have been together for many years, we will forget it.
Even so, that wasn’t right. Those weren’t words you should be saying to us. Did you really plan to disappoint us right till the very end?
From the calls I received, you talked behind the team member’s back. It was really hard to trust you.
It was exactly as what the seniors had said. Did you want to keep the people who make money for you?
He said the family which we talked about in the company would make things difficult for us if we were to leave to company.
Those words by that senior could not leave my head.”
— Unnamed Song, by Yoochun

"We were so physically and mentally drained during our activities that our wish was to get just two hours of sleep. This was the case every day, so much so that we didn’t even have time to meet our friends. People told us that our sacrifice was something expected because we were stars, and that we were lucky that we were earning money and fame in the process. It’s true. They say that in order to gain something, you have to lose something else. But what choice can you make when you can do nothing but lose everything?" — Junsu

“We opened up our hearts and gave them our honest opinion about the various things we would like to see changed in the company’s system. Though they listened to what we had to say, they did nothing about it. Our reality didn’t change much from what it had been. We already knew too much to just let it go and keep going. We believed that we couldn’t be with them any longer, even if it meant that we couldn’t be active as singers anymore.” — Yoochun

“We expressed our desire to leave the company when we were at the peak of our popularity. We think that’s why our announcement left such a great impact,” and “If we had said that we wanted to leave the company when we weren’t very popular, it might have seemed like we were coming up with excuses. But we believed that by leaving when we were at the top, it would be better understood by the world and by the masses that we were hurting inside. We believed that when kids who look like they have everything they could have, ever said that they did not have a choice, others would realize ‘There must be a reason for it,’ and try to understand us.” — Jaejoong 

"In the summer of 2009, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu made the decision to give up everything though they were at the top of their game. In the end, popularity and money were not important. If popularity and money were everything, they would not have been able to take that big step with heavy and fearful hearts. They did not hope for anything other than happiness and their dreams. As long as each of them had the other two by his side, that in itself was the best source of strength and comfort. — JYJ Magazine: The Story Of 1000 Days 

And then, they decided to leave the company BUT it was the only start of their epic battle.

The summer of 2009, which was too painful to let slide by, leaves a bitter taste in the members’ mouths. Things are supposed to get easier with time no matter what it is, but deep sighs still continue to escape their mouths.

The media of Korea, as well as Japan, was immediately focused on their every move. It was expected that they would receive such attention from the masses and the media because they had been rewriting the history of Hallyu at the time.

“I was scared at how focused the media were on our situation. I was scared to leave my house, even though I had done nothing wrong. The news on TV would show blurred pictures of our parents. The amount of stress I felt increased by the day because it felt like we were being treated like felons. Even my hair started falling out.” — Junsu

“We knew that this was a fight that we could possibly lose, but we hoped that people would understand our truth and sincerity when time had passed. At the time, we had no one to speak for us, and we could do nothing but silently stand our ground. Because speaking up would lead to misunderstandings. We couldn’t express ourselves because even denying things would make us look like cowards.” — Jaejoong

“Could the words ‘hang in there’ actually help someone who is having such a hard time that he thinks he might die? But the fact that the other members were standing by my side, silent but solid, put my heart at ease.” — Park Yoochun

“I managed to hang on because of the members. The three of us meeting and talking helped to lighten the weight on my chest. I was able to hang on because we were suffering together.” — Junsu

Since JYJ left SM, they are being persecuted, boycotted and sabotaged - SM sent a document to 26 large entertainment companies to not to allow JYJ any movement of such as concerts, events, television appearances, advertisements and anything else, the “block door”, they even harm sales of JYJ prohibiting any disclosure and preventing stores sold JYJ albums (and goodies).

Their albums and solo albums don’t get promoted on music shows, and don’t get considered for Kpop awards, also SM also used the threat of never allow the SM artists could appear on TV shows in which JYJ members were invited (same for radio shows and interviews) reason why JYJ vanish from those.

"According to the FTC, SM and KFPCAI issued a statement asking the representatives of stations and restricting the activities of JYJ appearances during the launch of the first album from 2010." — Fair Trade Comission

“SM KFPCAI also helped to issue a statement to Warner Music Korea, as well as at 3 and 6 stations biggest radio stations and cable, 11 albums and 5 shops online music sites, requesting that restrict JYJ’s appearances and the distribution of their music.” — Fair Trade Comission

"SM, one of the three largest agencies, and KFPCAI, composed of several organizations related to the entertainment industry, applied a lot of pressure on companies and as a result, JYJ experienced cancellation and music programs varieties, ranking changes and cancellations music documentaries and theatrical projections." — Fair Trade Comission

"This is a case where we prohibit large-scale agencies to use their influence to interfere with the activities of celebrities who are in a dispute with them.” — Fair Trade Comission.

“There would be someone who would torment us. Thinking of this makes me frustrated and I don’t think I can continue.
In any case, though it is tough, we are working hard to live well.
Despite someone tormenting us, we are working hard to really smile.”
— Yoochun

Sooooo EXO’s First Love...

SM randomly posted that they would be giving the fans a “gift” because we figured out the codes and meaning behind the teasers and they threw First Love litterally at our faces and was like “Surprise mothafackers, heres a random song that isn’t going to be on our album….take it.” and i was like:

then i decided to listen to first love i was like: 

then SM proceeds to write “will only be available for 10 hours……


Nuh-uh…. SM….

Goes and downloads song >:)