Promotional poster for the play “Die Leiden des jungen Werther” (engl. “The Sorrows of Young Werther”) first published by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in 1774. The poster is part of an ongoing series for “Das Theater Erlangen”.

The play is presented as a collection of letters written by Werther, a young artist of highly sensitive and passionate temperament, and sent to his friend Wilhelm. Using distinct silhouette illustrations, bold colors and bespoke typefaces every poster reflects a visual interpretation of each play. The series is complemented by an annual booklet containing announcements, timelines and background information.

Senior Designer Anna Bühler states, that she focused on creating a contemporary and contrasting design, connecting the theatre’s almost 300 year old history with its continued relevance in the 21st century.

Over the years, the poster series received several awards including “red dot awards”, “European Design Award” and “100 beste Plakate”.