I thought about Percy again but more specifically the animation I made with him that I had to simplify down a hell lot.

So I drew him again after like two years and he’s a lot different, but his shape is a lot better to work with

I…I just realized…
After “Blood of Olympus” comes out, there’ll be no more Percy Jackson.
No more destroying monsters, no more running, no more demigods…
And his, and his friend’s, stories will come to a conclusion.

Reblog if you’ll remember Percy Jackson’s legacy.
His story may end, but it’ll never be forgotten.

More selfies! This time I decided to draw Jason and Piper because I think they’re my third favorite couple. I’m thinking of drawing selfies for all the PJO couples, but I’m not sure I can commit to that, I think you guys out there in the Percy jackson fandom should pitch in and add to this post with your own PJO couple selfies! It’s a silly idea, but I think it’d be cool!

Fave Parts of The House of Hades
  • Percy:Wow. When he started looking back on the war with Kronos as the good old days- that was sad.
  • Percy:"This place smells like my ex stepfather."
  • Percy:"The Phlegethon? Sounds like a marathon for hawking spitballs."
  • Annabeth:"Thanks I'll have a smile on my face as I plummet to my death."
  • Leo:"Hey man it's cool you're Canadian right? I didn't expect you to get me an Independence Day present or anything... Unless you wanted to."
  • Leo:The face seemed to be trying to eat its way into the room.
  • Leo:Note to self do not leave boxes of magic grenades where dwarfs can reach them.
  • Leo:Leo figured that meant "KILL THEM" easy translation since most of the coach's sentences involved the word kill.
  • Leo:"Well I dunno. Let me pull my dwarf tracking GPS out of my tool belt."
  • Leo:He really didn't need to see a godly groin this early in the morning.
  • Leo:"Man you just wasted an awesome entrance."
  • Leo:"All by myself I'm special that way."
  • Percy:Percy had taken his girlfriend on some romantic walks before. This wasn't one of them.
  • Percy:When they needed a drink, the best they could do was sip some refreshing liquid fire. Yep percy definitely knew how to show a girl a good time.
  • Percy:"Including the kind that eats hang gliders."
  • Percy:"We should keep moving. You want some more fire to drink?"
  • Percy:"Keep climbing.. Cheeseburgers.. Shut up.. With fries."
  • Frank:He had no idea why he'd become a reticulated python but it did explain his dream about slowly swallowing a cow.
  • Ares:"Throttle him! Throttle everyone! Who are we talking about again?"
  • Piper:"I uh... I'll admit I'm not great with cows."
  • Leo:"Personally I'm trying to avoid lots of death but you guys have fun!"
  • Nico:"It was in the Africanus Extreme Expansion deck."
  • Triptolemus:"My friends call me Trip so don't call me that."
  • Ares:"I love this guy! Kill him anyway!"
  • Frank:"Wow farming. Congratulations."
  • Frank:As for Nico, he was still a corn plant.
  • Annabeth:Just another lovely day in the dungeon of creation.
  • Annabeth:"Connor give this to Rachel, not a prank, don't be a moron love Annabeth."
  • Percy:"Only a thousand times? Oh good... I thought we were in trouble."
  • Percy:"I appreciate the offer but my mom told me not to accept curses from strangers."
  • Percy:Seriously who curses you with their dying breath and says: I hope your eye twitches!
  • Rachel:"I hit Kronos in the eye with this hairbrush once. Otherwise no."
  • Leo:"She's alive thank the gods and pass the hot sauce."
  • Favonius:"Jason Grace, the West Wind has been called many things... Warm, gentle, life-giving, and devilishly handsome, but I have never been called startling."
  • Favonius:"Yes Jason Grace. I fell in love with a dude. Does that shock you?"
  • Jason:"Great now he's spouting greeting cards."
  • Jason:"Were you that ugly?"
  • Nico:"I had a crush on Percy, that's the truth. That's the big secret."
  • Annabeth:Percy was part of her- a sometimes annoying part sure but definitely a part she could not live without.
  • Piper:"Clever, take you all day to think up that line?"
  • Percy:"Awesome, could we get two orders of that to go?"
  • Percy:"That's very nice of you, but I'v had enough poison for one trip."
  • Percy:LOL NOOB!
  • Leo:"Yeah my bad I should've crashed on one of the other islands."
  • Leo:Kind of a Tarzan look, if Tarzan came in extra-small Latino.
  • Leo:"Right, whenever an engine malfunctions I like to tap-dance around it. Works every time."
  • Leo:The Mistress of Mud, The Princess of Potty Sludge.
  • Percy:"Poseidon's underpants you can't be serious."
  • Jason:But in his version Piper was a Kung Fu assassin.
  • Percy:Death Mist Annabeth looked like a freshly risen zombie.
  • Percy:A Titan strode toward them casually kicking lesser monsters out of his way.
  • Percy:"Easy-peasy. Except for... Well everything."
  • Frank:If only to stuff a teddy bear down the throat of that slime all augur.
  • Leo:"Did I miss the poison? Cause I love poison."
  • Nico:"Uh... You also have an arrow sticking through your arm."
  • Annabeth:For all she knew she was drooling as badly as Percy did when he slept.
  • Jason:"Dude" Jason gave Percy a bear hug.
  • Leo:"Way to go Zhang. Now you can order Octavian to fall on his sword."
  • Reyna:"Oh obviously, without you I doubt Percy could find his way out of a paper bag."
  • Percy:He kept expecting Big Mama Statue to come alive and chew him out for getting her daughter into so much trouble- or maybe just step on him without a word.
  • Percy:It almost sounded like Nico had read his mind and was agreeing that Athena should step on him.
  • Frank:"When we take over command our first order of business should be to load Octavian into the nearest catapult and fire him as far away as possible."
  • Percy:Heck percy kind of liked the coach's idea of using it as a missile and sending Gaea up in a godly nuclear mushroom cloud.
  • Percy:"Bob says hello," he told the stars.