A Celebration Gone Wrong - Natalie, Shauna & Andy


After making the winning goal, Shauna felt on top of the world. She didn’t even know who was hugging her at this point she was in a pile of players from her team all cheering and calling her name. 

Today’s game was probably her most important one of her life thus far, and she had played on a whole other lever. Both her and Natalie had seemed to bring their A game today, and it was just what the team needed to have their best game of the season. 

The main thing on Shauna’s mind before the game started was the fact that there was going to be a professional scout there, Andy had gotten Aaden to  arrange for the scouts to come and watch her play, she didn’t know that the scouts were there for Natalie too, but she wouldn’t have minded if she had been let in on the secret. 


Shauna and Natalie left the locker room talking excitedly about the game, laughing and pushing each other playfully. Once outdoes Shauna looked around for her girlfriend and Natalie took her phone out of her pocket to test her boy. Aaden had been away on a business thing and was getting back to the cite that night. 

It wasn’t a secret that Natalie and Aaden were dating anymore, but they still toned down their relationship around Andy and Shauna, 

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