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With every new interview my dislike for MT grows and grows... Yes you kissed Tyler, whoopie-doo, did you acomplish ANYTHING ELSE this whole season? Agree with other anons, make her go away and never come back

Sabe quando vc chega em casa sente o cheiro da comida entra super feliz quando vai ver é na casa do vizinho? Então

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Meghan (Braeden): you know i think Braeden would like to think that, you know hes got Peter and you know so.. forget Peter its just all about the black girl- Um, are we forgetting his younger sister and his pack??? He was willing to die to make sure Cora wasn't found in the last episode of season 3b and has saved everyone's asses so I think she needs to reevaluate her statement.

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Ok! Here it is! You may need to skip some part cuz I didnt edit it or anything I just posted everything I had. And the start is choppy but just skip it :) 


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"she has no scar or wound anywhere but on her face. Yet the Sheriff is in a sling." Of course. The writers don't care, so long as Braeden and Derek are having sex. I think it's safe to say that they just completely ignored her gunshot wound for the sake draeden sex.

The Signs as Marianas Trench Songs

If you do not know MT, then you’re seriously missing out. There amazing, I promise.

Aries- Shake Tramp

Taurus- Desperate Measures

Gemini- Good To You

Cancer- Beside You

Leo- Haven’t Had Enough

Virgo- Perfect

Libra- Cross My Heart

Scorpio- So Soon

Sagittarius- Celebrity Status

Capricorn- Decided To Break It

Aquarius- Masterpiece Theatre Part 1

Pisces- Porcelain