Há dias que eu preciso não precisar de nada, para lembrar do quanto a vida passa e que tudo que eu mais preciso de verdade, é só de Você.
—  Marcela Taís

anonymous said:

Anon, calm down. If you have something to say, then say it politely. I'm from different country and I don't know what 'bae' means. Like in UD there's a lot of definitions of that word, so people laughed at that word, NOT your culture. And I see again the word 'racist'. Seriously, just stop it, it's not even funny anymore. I assure you, if ANY white girl would behave like MT in that show, people would call her thirsty, annoying and childish too. When will you understand that? [1/2]

Sorry if my massage is to harsh, but I just can’t. I’m tired of those accusations of racism. I don’t like MT not because she’s black, but because of her behaviour. I just don’t like how she’s acting in public/social media. That’s it. Get over it. No racism at all. And the last thing is I really don’t want to argue, so don’t be hateful. We’re criticizing here, not hating. Sorry mods! [2/2]

I found this pretty respectful and calm and it doesn’t have any harsh language so no need to apologize!


Sabe quando vc chega em casa sente o cheiro da comida entra super feliz quando vai ver é na casa do vizinho? Então
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Ok! Here it is! You may need to skip some part cuz I didnt edit it or anything I just posted everything I had. And the start is choppy but just skip it :) 


The Signs as Marianas Trench Songs

If you do not know MT, then you’re seriously missing out. There amazing, I promise.

Aries- Shake Tramp

Taurus- Desperate Measures

Gemini- Good To You

Cancer- Beside You

Leo- Haven’t Had Enough

Virgo- Perfect

Libra- Cross My Heart

Scorpio- So Soon

Sagittarius- Celebrity Status

Capricorn- Decided To Break It

Aquarius- Masterpiece Theatre Part 1

Pisces- Porcelain