After many, many hours spent, I finally acquired the Kaiser Knuckles! I wasn’t too fond of their design when they were first revealed, but once I went back to my old Fistfighter gearset, I’ve actually become quite fond of them.

I can’t thank volatilecore enough for helping dull the ache that was this quest line. You were a huge help, honey. I really appreciate it. ♥ 

Credit for this screenshot edit also goes to volatilecore, who’s waaaay better at these than me. :D


Ironworks Cuirass of Striking.

(The following thought process actually occurred while taking these shots.)

“Damn, she’s cute.  That body piece looks pretty awesome.”

*takes first screen shot*

“Man, that long hair + white hair color is really popular now.”

*moves around to get screen shot from side*

*notices Dreadwyrm circlet*

“…damn it!”

*now jealous and annoyed*

So I'm leveling my mnk

Me: Oh! I get one ilm punch as my quest reward… OMG I’M GOING TO BE BRUCE LEE.
Husband: Do you know how close you have to get to Ifrit’s balls to use that skill….
Me: …… One.. ilm?