About the new webdrama Love Cell featuring Woobin & Jang Hyuk & others, from Mwave

Fantasy romantic comedy Love Cell is based on the webtoon series of the same name, which was published on Naver from July of 2010 through March of 2012. 

It received a lot of love from the netizens for depicting the love story of unemployed man ‘Ma Dae Choong’ and top star ‘Seo Rin,’ making an impossible love story come true. 

*Woobs is play neither of those characters.

Kim Woo Bin will be acting as the ‘king of dating,’ Having earned numerous female fans by starring in various projects, such as The Heirs, School 2013, A Gentleman’s Dignity as well as Friend 2, Kim Woo Bin’s new character in the upcoming rom-com web drama has been gathering a lot of interest. 

More info on the rest of the cast in Love Cell here


This is the confirmed cast for the new MBC drama: Actress Ha Yeon-soo is starring in the new MBC drama “The Legendary Witch

Soo-In (Han Ji-Hye), Bok-Nyeo (Ko Du-Shim), Poong-Geum (Oh Hyun-Kyung) and Mi-Oh (Ha Yeon-Soo) were cellmates at a woman’s prison. The four woman have their own stories on why they were there, but through bakery lessons, learned in prison, they open a bakery shop and compete against a large bakery company.

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Latest Addiction - Three Musketeers


Just when I thought K-dramas are getting boring, I found this awesome unique series starring CnBlue’s Yong Hwa. I first started this series just because it’s Yong Hwa in a Sageuk drama but I’m loving this for so many reasons. 

First, the series does not follow the usual 2 episodes per week format but instead it’s gonna air only 1 episode a week for 3 seasons comprising of 12 episodes each. It’s gonna take a while for this drama to finish but I don’t really mind coz it seems to be doing more good than bad for the storyline. I feel that the writers can actually take more time to refine the storyline so hopefully, this one won’t have the usual dragging-out-in-the-middle-and-rushing-in-the-end crap happening. So far so good but fingers crossed that it won’t be the same old later.

Second, though I watched it coz of Yong Hwa, I’m loving the character of the Crown Prince played by the gorgeous Lee Jin Wook. I can’t believe I haven’t seen many of his works before. In my opinion, he makes the Prince character so unique and unpredictable, like, he can be dead serious but with a tinge of insanity popping up every now and then. Also loving the chemistry with his Princess though I think she’s just gonna go to Dal Hyang (Yong Hwa’s character) in the end. Coz come on, no matter how unconventional a k-drama can get, the second lead will never get the girl. I won’t make the same mistake of believing the impossible like last time on Reply 1994, HAHAHA. *bitter laugh*

Third, I love the friendship between the Prince and his two royal guards (aka the Three Musketeers). I usually love it when bromance is well-played in dramas and this one will be a good one. I even like the funny master-servant relationship between Dal Hyang and his new servant Pang Se. And I love Dal Hyang’s parents—they are hilarious too. I find the Manchu envoy cool too. So far, only the antagonist Mi Ryung has yet to impress me maybe because there hasn’t been much character development for her yet. 

Last, these are tiny details but I love the 2 instrumentals played with traditional instruments for Crayon Pop’s BarBarBar and Hyuna’s Red. So awesome and I hope they’ll have more scenes of the restaurant with more awesome music. And I find the cool animations when they have sword fights too.

So many things I love about this drama and I hope it won’t disappoint in the later episodes. But since I love the characters, it’ll be hard to disappoint coz i’ll watch it for the characters even if the storyline turns out to be bad. Anyway, if you all are looking for new series to follow, this one is worth it :D

Enjoy the HOT Lee Jin Wook in Hanbok below…