You look back, and it’s been two-and-a-half years, spending almost everyday with each other. We went mad in the end. You saw us. We were just insane. We developed a whole language, a whole world. The crew got used to it. They became immune to us being ridiculous. People just think you’re a bit mental…Poor Karen…me and Arthur would just abuse her. But it’s never like…it’s just silliness. God I love her, I’ve never met anyone else with such grace and wit at dealing with us.
—  Matt Smith on Karen and Arthur (DWM 450)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a SMARVILLAN network!

Well, here it is. I’ve wanted to start a network because why not? And I’ve never seen a Karen and the Babes network (I apologize if there already is one). So there we go.

This is for lovers of the too-talented-for-their-own-good hipsters, and their characters on Doctor Who!

If you want to be apart of it, please, please apply!


  1. You must follow Kazza
  2. I am looking for a Matt and an Arthur (aka two more admin) so when you apply, check the admin box! :)
  3. Please fill out this little survey thing.
  4. Please track the tag: smarvillan-network for updates!
  5. Reblog this! (likes don’t count)
  6. This post much reach at least 35 notes!

About the Network:

  1. I’ll choose the admin on April 12th.
  2. I’ll also choose the members on April 12th (or later, depending on the notes!)
  3. The amount of members I pick immediately depends on how many people apply (think around 10 or so)

Yay! So that’s it and go ahead and love your beautiful Karen and the Babes with me!


I loove this! Karen And The Babes ftw!!!

Project Freelance goes to print TODAY!!

Gotta love generating content, completing design and layout, printing samples and sending the final to print WITHIN SIX DAYS!!

Let’s not leave it so short next time.


As I mentioned earlier, I’m searching for 1 or 2 co conspirators/ moderators (haha) to help me keep Lovely Kaz active as much as possible.  

SO: I’ve made a little survey for you to fill out! I’m a lot of fun to talk to/work with and am not intimidating or mean at all so please don’t be shy!! This is meant to be a lot of fun and I’m super excited! I can’t wait to expand the LK family <3

I’d love to find some people by the end of next week, or at the latest by the beginning of February. Help me take Lovely Kaz to the next level!! xx 

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