Quand j'ai dû me lever à 6h pour prendre mon train alors que je me suis endormie à 1h40 après le concert


When I had to wake me up at 6am to take my train, and I was sleeping since 1h40am because of the concert 

"He has family in Dallas & his grandma passed away so he was here for her funeral. But I recognized him & I didn’t think it was really him! I thought it just looked like him. So I said "you probably get this a lot but you look just like Dean from supernatural."
And he was like “yeah, I get that a lot.” Daneel said “you should take a picture with him just in case it really is him.””

Omg guys

I’ll post my photo ops later but story, I gave jensen the picture of him in gym shorts to sign and he laughed and said “that’s one sexy motherfucker” and I said “I know right” and the girl behind me was like “you know self appreciation isn’t a very attractive quality” laughing and he was like “I know but when you look like that what can you do?”