endless list of games i love » tomb raider (2013) [2/?]


Translated by me and Monica Odom

[image text] Janine realized when she was young that she wouldn’t adapt to monogamist relations, and therefore only engages in open relationships. Some people say her lifestyle is immoral.
Janine, you are honest with yourself, happy with your choices and respectful to your partners when you talk straight about your way to love. The only immoral thing is the prejudice that surrounds you.

[texto da imagem] Janaína percebeu desde cedo que não se adaptava a relações monogâmicas e por isso só se envolve em relacionamentos abertos. Alguns dizem que seu modo de vida é imoral.
Janaína, você é sincera com você mesma, feliz com suas escolhas e respeitosa com quem se relaciona ao conversar abertamente sobre sua forma de amar. Imoral é o preconceito que a cerca.


let’s take a moment to appreciate how loving, gentle, caring and simply perfect Sherlock is in the relationship. ♥♥♥♥ (even if he is faking it)))
When i first saw this moment my heart skipped a beat with happiness but then he shut the door and his face fell, just like when he is with Molly and…oh well.. at least now we know what boyfriend Sherlock is like.