“I can’t do anymore. I’m tired." 
"Cmon Lily, one more try, you can do it this time." 
"Aghhhh. Fine, but I hope to never use Arithmancy once I graduate.”
“Don’t worry, I’m very good at Arithmancy and you’ll always have me around.”
“Thank you James.”
“You’re welcome Lils”


Woop :) Watch in (immortal)HD pls

Uncle Jesse and Sirius Black

I was watching Full House last week and watched Uncle Jesse in particular. He went from this motorcycle riding bad boy, to this total Mr. Mom in a way that was still all cool and tough guy. Uncle Jesse is actually everything I ever pictured in Sirius Black but couldn’t express. Uncle Jesse is what Sirius would have become if Lily and James had lived.


we are a group of guys who play games and yell at each other while doing it

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