2014’s been really rough on me tbh, so here’s this 3-minute…thingy. please excuse the bad english (haven’t practiced in forever) and the post-pool face (it’s summer here).
I hope the message comes across. I didn’t really plan this video so I get lost in thought quite often…
I forgot to mention how much I adored becoming shibeme's friend. You're amazing even if you can't see it for yourself! ;)
happy holidays for everyone. stay healthy and send me a message if you happen to be struggling with something out of your control, like my colleague was. I didn’t say on the video, but there were rumors of him being depressed.
I don’t want that for any of you. I am actually crying a little right now, hah. please just let me know if there is anything I can ever do to help.
and if you have a kid, please don’t buy alcohol for his parties like my friend’s mom used to do, just so he would look “cool.” they weren’t old enough to know what it is to drink responsibly, and it catapulted my friend to drugs.
please please please. don’t let something like this tragedy happen to people close to me again. not if I am able to help.