For those of you who haven’t heard…
We have a LOT of cold-hearted, immature, and jealous members in our family.
Genevieve Padalecki(Moose’s wife) and many others have been receiving a tremendous amount of hate. Genevieve especially, is being disrespected, and messaged appalling comments. This is all because people are jealous of her being married to Jared. Danneel Ackles(Squirrel’s wife) and others are also receiving hate for similar reasons.
I’ve made this post in hopes to show Gen, Danneel, and others that we really do love and care about them; also that not our whole family is as screwed up as it may seem due to a bunch of messed up haters. It is unbelievable how much our family has seemed to have changed. So many disrespectful, and overall rude people
If you are a legit and faithful member of this family; and you actually care about EVERYONE in it. Then PLEASE favorite or reblog this post. I want to prove a point, to Gen, Dannel, and everyone in our family, that we really do care, and love them, just as much as we do J2M. Please prove that we are still a family, and that we’re not all haters, and jealous fools.
If this post receives hate, then that just proves how sick, and messed up some people can be. I know this post wont magically rid our family of its haters, but it will show that we’re not all messed up, terrible people.
I’m not usually one to judge, but some of these people, who act as if they’re part of our family, and end up being just plain cold-hearted, and so hateful to one-another; it’s not right, and it makes me sick to think what has come of our family.
Please help spread the word, help our family recuperate, and maybe if this post receives enough notes, we could show this to Gen, Dannel, and others so they know that they really are loved, and respected, and that our family isn’t as bad as it may seem, due to haters and what not. Thank you, and I love you all!<3 ^-^

so my mom went to the bakery to get this picture put on my birthday cake


and the lady at the counter asked who these weird looking men were and my mom didn’t wanna tell her they were from a tv show because they’re not allowed to put celebrities on cakes so my mom panicked and said they were my uncles who couldn’t make it to my party

nice save, mom