Ok, I know this is going to sound a bit dramatic or nutty

But there is something amazingly perfect to the fact that Jensen and Jared are going to be raising their families together. It just takes everything they have ever said to us about their lives and about their friendship and just shines such an awesome bright light on their love for each other. 

It’s touching, wonderful, and sometimes I feel like we are privileged to be given a glimpse at the genuine love and affection they have for each other.

Nothing is fake with those two. 

Like when they wait for the other one to catch up to a joke so they can laugh together. 

Or when we see them having fun the the river behind Jensen’s house.

Or when they are on a panel at comic con and sometimes you feel that for them there are only two people there.

Or when you watch a gag reel and both of them are so in sync with each other.

Or just the look of Jared looking up to Jensen while he out sings Marty Robbins or Jensen’s face goes all heart eyes when Jared talks about his majestic locks. 

I just love these two. I love how they love each other and how they are willing to share just a tiny piece of that with us. 


but like… Jared and Jensen know each other? Two of the most beautiful, talented, generous, wisest, sweetest men I’ve ever known and they’re best friends and brothers and live not five minutes away from each other and hang out together all the time even after spending ten years together fifteen hours nearly every day???

like - look at Jensen, look at how talented he is and how beautiful he is and how he has a gorgeous wife and a lovely daughter and just a wonderful family and he loves them so much. and then look at Jared, look at how sweet he is and how great an actor he is and how he has two healthy boys and a stunning wife and they both have such great families and they love their families so much, they’re just such beautiful, wonderful people on their own and then they just have to top it all off by knowing each other? being best friends? being brothers

I just can’t process it how can there be so much perfection like ??? HOW????????

When I was new to the Supernatural fandom, I remember there was an E!online news article discussing whether or not Ian and Paul were going to out bromance J2

I still laugh about that one tbh

It’s hard to believe that Supernatural is going into it’s tenth seasons but without Jensen and Jared playing Dean and Sam they way they do we would have never made it that far. They are the heart and soul of Supernatural and without them there would have been no Castiel, no Crowley or any others. They are the ones who cared this show on it’s back for the first three seasons and you should show Jensen and Jared the respect they deserve. 

Do I think the typical bi-bro/J2 fan is a better fan of SPN than the typical Destiel/Cockles fan?

Ummm… Yes. Because in my experience, most Destiel fans outright hate Sam. They can deny it all they want and claim otherwise, but the hate is shown time and time again by them. Especially the ones who post a lot in the fandom. It’s all over TUMBLR.

Bottom line is, even if a bi-bro hates Castiel it does not matter. Why? Because it’s not essential for a fan of SPN to like a supporting character. You can like SPN without liking Castiel or Bobby or Crowley.

But don’t even claim to be a fan of SPN if you hate one of the two main characters. I’ve seen Castiel/Destiel fans tell new fans not to bother with seasons 1-3 because Castiel isn’t in them?

FOR REAL? Because the show didn’t matter before then? If it weren’t for Sam/Dean and Jared/Jensen the show wouldn’t have made it to frigging season 4. Castiel isn’t the reason why the show has made it to the 10th season; the Winchester Bros and Jensen and Jarded are. PERIOD.

Can someone explain to me how supposed “Cockles” comes anywhere close to J2?

Cockles is merely Destiel nuts extending their obsession to include the actors. There’s no more basis for it than there would be for Mishalecki or whatever you call it. Jensen and Misha have no more chemistry than Jared and Misha.

But J2? It’s beyond obvious that their chemistry is off the charts and what’s made the show. These guys are seriously close and will be friends long after the show is over. For goodness sakes, Jensen moved to Austin and now lives minutes away from Jared!

Who in their right mind thinks that Jensen and Misha’s friendship come anywhere close to Jared and Jensen’s?

I just can’t…