Jensen!Centric fic recs

  for willenskraft, first of all, SORRY for the late reply, I hope you can find something here, some of them are well know but I loved them so much!

A spotlight on these desolate dreams  In high school, Jared Padalecki had it all. He was surrounded with rich, famous, beautiful friends and partied with young Hollywood’s elite. As if all of that wasn’t exciting enough, he used the tricks he learned from his grandfather to become an amateur sleuth with his billionaire best friend, Jensen Ackles, playing the role of trusty sidekick. But when he got in over his head and lost everything he once held dear, he knew that it was time to move on. That was ten years ago. Now he lives the lonely life of a hardboiled private investigator on the streets of Manhattan, and his fabulous past is nothing but a distant memory. That is, until a tragedy forces him to return to California and the world he left behind. Between juggling rabid paparazzi, sarcastic detectives, and a spurned ex-best friend, it’s a wonder that he can possibly find the time to solve a murder that has left the city of angels reeling.

Vidi, Vici, Veni  Jared is a famous, rough gladiator who’s never been beaten. When Jensen arrives, scared, inexperienced, and now locked up with a bunch of sex-deprived gladiators, Jared has to decide how much protection he wants to offer.

Gunpoint Jensen got his childhood stolen away from him when he was ten years old. Along with his memory, his voice and every emotion that wasn’t fear, hatred or anger. Question is, can Jared help him get any of it back? And more importantly, does Jensen really want him to?

A Devil to Help Me Get Things Right (ebooks)  It was in moments like this that Jensen knew that they would be together forever. Nothing would or could break them apart.  Jensen was wrong. At 19 he was in love with Jared, full of plans and hopes for their future. He didn’t count on dropping out of college and driving Jared away with cheating and drinking being part of them. At 30 Jensen wakes up with retrograde amnesia, his last memories of being 19 and happy. As he struggles to regain his memory and find out who he is, Jensen has to face the harsh truths of who he became and how he treated Jared. Determined not to make the same mistakes again, Jensen starts to get his life back on track and try to win an engaged and angry Jared back

If You’re Out There How do you fight back when you can’t seem to find your voice? Jensen is doing his best to get by in an abusive household while protecting his younger sister, but as the bruises continue to grow deeper he doesn’t know how much more he can take. Jared is doing his best to hold them all together, until Jensen takes matters into his own hands. Suddenly thrust upon unexpected journeys, Jared and Jensen will both have to walk alone in order to discover themselves and a way back.

As This Sunset Turns To Morning  Jensen spends his life hiding who he is from the family that would never accept him if they knew. When he’s uprooted in the middle of his senior year and suddenly becomes the new kid, his carefully placed mask begins to slip. Especially when he meets Jared – a loud, outspoken spectacle of a boy that fights for everything Jensen was taught to stand against. Jared has no problem going after what he wants, and now it’s just a matter of Jensen letting himself do the same.

Bullies (they come and go)PDF  Jensen has been tormented his whole life for being too pretty, too smart, too shy and too lone. The jocks hate him. Girls do not understand him and it is not until the new guy, Jared decides to be his friend that everything changes…

Sunshine on a Rainy Day Jared has been looking for a purpose to his life ever since he dropped out of college and returned to the small town where he grew up. Jensen is a deeply damaged young man seemingly locked in a waking coma for the past eight years.

Lose Yourself In Me (PDF)  Jensen doesn’t remember. Waking up in a place he doesn’t know, surrounded by people he has no idea if he can trust, leaves Jensen feeling vulnerable and alone. But he’s not alone, plagued by nightmares of a past he can’t recall, the memories are there but just out of reach. But in the end, the struggle to find himself, may be more painful than the not knowing. Warnings: Non-con, rape, abuse by person in position of responsibility

You And Me, Sand And Sea After their plane crashes over the ocean, stranding them on an unfamiliar island, Jared and Jensen have to learn to survive - both the island and each other

Sharp Teeth   After being kidnapped from Earth by galactic slavers, mechanic Jensen Ackles is taken to a foreign world where he is put into service as a sex slave. While serving at a royal ball, he catches the interest of the prince’s chief strategist. Now it is a question of dominance as he and his master struggle to find out who is the slave and who is the master.

Not Made of Bronze Jared Padalecki has lived all his life in his small home town of Prairie Winds, Texas; a place where routine and gossip reign. Left behind to run his parents’ hardware store, Jared has become disheartened with his life and its prospects. But when the charming and enigmatic Jensen Ackles moves to town, it’s his friends who show him that there are things worth fighting for and that his future is not written in stone. All is not what it seems though when strange and deadly occurrences begin to plague the town: Mr. Thompson, the sweet old man that used to be his teacher, wakes up one morning mumbling incoherent phrases and stabs himself in the throat. The animals on a nearby farm all mysteriously drop dead and Jared’s best friend nearly loses her life and that of her child’s. It’s all connected to the house at 1122 Peacock Street; the house that holds the town’s darkest secrets. The house that Jensen has inherited.

Bruises That Won’t Heal Billionaire business man Jensen Ackles is on honeymoon with his beloved wife when his life changes irrevokably. Taken as a slave he is sold to the mad war lord Christian, his body is molded until it is pleasing to his master, leaving him questioning his whole identity. Passing from one master to another his one constant is the warrior Jared, whose calming presence becomes the one necessity in Jensen’s life. From the shores of the Mediterranean, to the mysterious land of Arkazan and back to Los Angeles this is Jensen’s story.

Gunshy Based on the show Bones, with Jared as the FBI agent and Jensen as the socially awkward forensic anthropologist

I’ll See You After Class  Jensen is a shy, geeky kid who has a secret crush on his math teacher, Mr Padalecki. So, in an effort to get closer to him, Jensen begins pretending that he’s bad at math to score a one-on-one tutoring session each Friday afternoon, while trying to act cool about his crush. But one afternoon while he’s searching through videos on a porn site he finds a faux teacher/student video with Mr Padalecki in it, and that’s when things start becoming a little difficult to hide.

Veterans of the Psychic Wars When the invasion came, no-one was ready. Humanity faltered. We died by the thousands, then by the millions. Nations fell before them before the survivors could begin to hold them back. The battles raged across the world, and communications became difficult, and then impossible. South America was gone. Before contact with Europe and Asia was lost, they were struggling, but surviving. In North America, the line held at last, a curve that stretched from Oregon to Louisiana. To the south, a battle-ravaged wasteland. To the north, the survivors and the refugees huddled beneath the shields of the Protected Zone, safe by the work of shield Psions who could form the only barrier that worked. Along the front, soldiers waged war at terrible cost against an enemy that was truly inhuman. The tides of war turned on the work of battlefront Psions and their Guardians, elite warriors who could change the course of a battle with their skill and power.

Airborne  In a world where three mighty powers are at war, Jared lives a comfortable, if unremarkable, life as a Healer in a little valley as yet untouched by the battles and pillaging. His days get a lot more interesting when a Harper, one of the winged soldiers of the Overlords, literally crashes at his feet. Bound by his healer’s vow, Jared takes in the injured man, over time earning his trust and companionship. Little does he know how fast Jensen’s presence – or absence - will turn his life upside down. Jared and his best friend Chad begin an epic journey that will see them cross paths with the one warrior, who is so unlike any others of his kind, once more

Dream A Little Dream Of Menagerie Jared’s got the perfect job. He runs a pet store for his boss Misha—but it’s not just any pet store. Misha’s Dream a Little Dream of Menagerie is full of creatures most people only ever imagine: tiny lantern dragons, judgmental unicorns, songbirds that sound better than any radio, and even a baby Loch Ness monster. Lately it’s been kind of hard to concentrate, however, thanks to the new on-site vet, Jensen, who has everything Jared’s perfect man would have…and a serious boyfriend on top of all that.

Jensen Ackles Doesn’t Exist. In hindsight he realises that, had he just stayed put, had he not worried about the shoelace sticking out from under the desk where he was hiding, they probably wouldn’t have seen him. But they did.

Pack Law  All shy introverted Jensen wanted to do was make a good first impression for his sister’s fiancé family. Instead he found himself being thrust into an exotic world of mystery, violence, lust and an unforgettable encounter with a man that continues to haunt his dreams. If that’s not worst enough, there seem to be a supernatural creature stalking his every waking moment. Is he losing his mind or has he stumbled into a land that was long forgotten? Story has been beta by the amazing anniespinkhouse.

In a Mirror Distorted and Indistinct They keep calling him beautiful. Pretty. “Come on. Look this way. Give us a smile, Jensen.” He smiles and blinks against the flashes, fighting the urge to lower his eyes, to hide the blush burning under layers of makeup. Sweat runs down his back, his hands tremble. He’s not pretty, not beautiful. He’s small and weak and pathetic and one day they’re all gonna figure it out. One day…

Deception  Eight years ago, Jensen Ackles was involved in a prank with tragic consequences. Years later he’s still trying to make amends but the solitary life he had planned for himself starts to fall apart when his boss sends him to sort out the accounting books for an animal shelter and he meets the full time vet, Jared Padalecki who refuses not to be a part of Jensen’s life. And if that isn’t stressful enough, suddenly the past is suddenly rearing it’s head, threatening everything Jensen has built for himself.

Taking Turns (Holding This World) When rich boy Jensen Ackles decided to get out from under his father’s thumb and run away from home he didn’t expect to be robbed in broad daylight, mistaken for a hooker, beaten up by a tattooed maniac and have his life saved by a really cute street kid. All in one day. Jared Padalecki on the other hand didn’t expect to be thrown in jail for his trouble. As love stories go, this one didn’t exactly have the best beginning.

Just one breath (just in case there’s just one left) Following a horrific event during filming, Jensen’s life hangs in the balance and Jared discovers what is truly important.


57:40 - Jensen’s reaction to Supernatural Parody! :)

  • Author: felisblanco 
  • Warnings:  This story explores what Jensen might be like if he had Asperger’s syndrom. Just so you know. Other than that… It’s pretty tame. Minimum angst even. Huh. Imagine that.
  • Summary:  As they start filming and working together, Jared realizes Danneel’s prediction was right. He and Jensen do hit it off. Sure Jensen is quirky and sometimes (okay, a lot of times) uncomfortably direct to the point of being rude. But once Jared figures out Jensen isn’t actually mean as much as he’s just a little clueless (and mostly unconcerned) about the rules of social interactions, it stops bothering him.



redemptivedean asked:

Heya :) Do you know some phone-/cybersex fics? It doesn't matter if they're j2 or wincest, I'd be thankful for anything c: Thanks in advance <3

Phonesex/Sexting/Cibersex/Meet-Online fic recs

hi there! I remember these:

Hello Kitty Dean gets another phone call from a Mystery Caller.

Live Free or Twihard Jensen is Romeo, Jared is Juliet, Team Edward are the Montagues, Team Jacob are the Capulets, and Aldis Hodge sincerely hopes he is not Mercutio, because he does not want to get shanked.

 Aural  Jensen wants revenge on lawyer!Jared and gets more than he bargained for.

Additional Charges May Apply Jensen is a phone sex operator, and Jared has a bad habit of dialing wrong numbers.

And There’s That Pesky Thing Called Reality Jared wishes he had the life of Sam and Dean Winchester but unfortunately they are fictional characters in a series of books. Instead he’s stuck working at the library with only his imagination for company. When he breaks his leg in an accident his life goes from mundane to just plain boring, until he finds himself in posession of a computer. Pretty soon he’s fully immersed in the crazy world of Supernatural fandom. It’s just lucky for him he has resident BNF Jensen to hold his hand through it all. Now if they could just get over the fact that Jared thinks Jensen is a girl everything would be awesome. 

Talk!verse Jared is a struggling grad student working a phone sex line to get by. Jensen is a recluse genius doing top-secret decryption for the Defense Department. Sometimes it’s not about the words, but the silence between them.

Real Person Fiction Jensen and Jared are popslashers.

Behind the Curtain   Jared is a senior at NYU, studying to be an actor and paying the bills by working as an agent for a phone-sex hotline.

Tell Me All the Things That I Wanna Hear  Jared’s at a con alone, Jensen’s jealous because he knows Jared’s been flirting all day. Jared shows Jensen he knows whose he is.

The Winchester Notes A series of notes shared during a stretch of days in which the boys are voiceless. Look at each part for individual summaries. 

A Cautionary Tale against saving your boyfriend’s mom in your phone as ‘boyfriend’s mom’

The Instant Messag A miss-sent Instant Message begins a flirtation that soon could turn into something more. That is, if Jared will come out from behind the computer an let Jensen see the real him. 

Long-Distance Relationships and its sequel Short-Distance Relationships  Written for the blindfold_spn  Supernatural kink meme.  For the prompt “J2. Webcam!Sex!”. 

Bad-Dragon.com  “You know…” Misha pauses, his fingers flexing where he’s resting them on the cash register, fixing Jensen with a small, lecherous smirk. “There are whole industries dedicated to servicing the suffering Omega when there isn’t an Alpha around to help them

The Sinister Nature of Cul-de-Sacs  Recently divorced, successful landscaper Jensen Ackles thinks he’s moved into the house of his dreams. Trouble is, the yard next door is a nightmare, and rumor has it that its owner is even worse. Jensen’s friends and neighbors are convinced he lives next to a ruthless and reclusive killer, but the more Jensen learns about Jared Padalecki, the more convinced he is that the rumors are wrong. But would he bet his life on it?

Pet Project

Pairing: J2

Rating: NC-17

Status: finished

Word count: 16 000

Notes: dub-con, self-luberication, animal traits, 

Summary: Stepping into the laboratory, gun in hand, Jared expected it to be just another clean up job, the last steps of ridding the world of a mad scientist. But he had never expected the experiment he found inside to be one to change everything. Maybe Lehne had been insane to mix genes together the way he did, but he sure got something right when he created Jensen.

My comment: This is written amazingly, but personally I felt like it was borderline beastiality because of Jensens mental state and insticts, which weirded me out. Even so this is an amazing fic, which I totally adore.