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HI!! Just wanted to know which were your top ten J2 moments from 2014 (including meeting them :) ) Love you!!

I have a serious problem nonnie my memory is too short, and even tho it has been a fantastic year for j2 I pretty much forgot most of the things that happened but Ill try!

  • The 200th episode speech (“thank you brother, I love you” and Jared trying not to cry)
  • the reporter telling Jensen he has a ‘beautiful date right there’ and pointing to Jared
  • Jensen moving next to Jared
  • Them going jet skiing together
  • Jared helping Jensen get a twitter
  • The christmas couple picture
  • Jared making Tom say ‘hi’ to Uncle Jensen and Jensen getting all proud
  • Pretty much all their interactions on twitter 
  • the ‘bitch/jerk’ moment at Chicon

and my most fav J2 moment of the year, of course was this:



A very quick list for this Sunday, if you’re in bed like me, maybe you can enjoy reading.

Strong Enough To Surrender by etoile_etiolee
    Explicit | M/M
    Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
    Mpreg | Pregnant Dean
    Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
    Omega Dean | Alpha Sam
    Knotting | Alternate Universe | graphic birth

Summary  AU of an a/b/o dynamics variety. Dean is an omega. Since puberty, John has insisted that he takes suppressants because he does not believe Dean can be respected amongst hunters if they learn about his status. Stuck between an alpha father and an alpha brother, Dean struggles to find his place in the world. That is, until John forces him to take some life-changing decisions when he throws him out. Joining Sam at Stanford, Dean comes to term with his own needs and identity, while Sam waits patiently for his brother to realize that they are mate. What happens after… well, a lot, but Sam and Dean are together. Dean can deal with anything, even an unexpected pregnancy, with his brother by his side.

The Lion at Starfall by dragonspell
Explicit | M/M | Complete Work

Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki | Alternate Universe - Fantasy

Summary; Jensen, though he was only a seventh son and unlikely to inherit the throne of Redding, had a reputation that had spread to the surrounding countries. He was fearsome in battle, they said, and nigh invincible, the drumming sound of his mount at full gallop enough to strike terror in a grizzled soldier’s heart. He’d been awarded the title of Dancer at age 23, one of eight titles given to only the strongest and most true of heart by the warrior monks of the Damascus Mountains. Jared had asked for Prince Jensen’s hand in marriage years ago, smitten by the legends and the reports of the man’s beauty. His offer had been returned unread and unwanted. It was ironic that it had taken a badly battered army and the threat of extinction to achieve what all of Jared’s riches had not. Jared would have what all that he wanted and Redding would have nothing.

Lobotomy Heart by homo_pink
Explicit | M/M | Complete Work
Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Underage

Graphic Depictions Of Violence | Underage | Mental Health Issues
Mental Institutions | Bloodplay | hypersexuality

Summary; It’s the summer of 1968 and Jensen, son of a doctor, has become fascinated with a patient.

Experiments with Magnetism by cleflink
Teen And Up Audiences | Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Alternate Universe, College/University | Alternate Universe, Soulmates
 Meet-Cute | Magic Realism

Summary: Jared’s too busy trying not to fail out of college to care that he hasn’t found his soulmate yet. Honest.

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I'm new to shipping j2!! Do u have any fic recs??

hell yeah! (sry i just- fic recs dude. reccing fics is my only talent)

imma give you non au tho to, like, make it seem real, k?

this one is a really good, non au one: The Courtship of Jensen’s Co-Star 

this is a short non au one Warm Milk and Excedrin

a rly good non au one Win-Win Situation

Wedded Blitz

The Radio Wedding Verse 

Perving on Your Best Friend? Not Cool

and two au’s bc theyre just so good :)

One Small Step

Almost Believing (We Were So Close) my sec. fav fic of all time


I think [Jared and Jensen] understand a wonderful thing. This is unheard of and unreal to be in this situation and I think both of them love each other. We are honestly a family, the Ackles and the Padaleckis, we are literally a family. My son plays with their daughter and we love each other in that way. - Genevieve Padalecki [x/x/x]