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This was my favorite part of the entire Dallas Con weekend. It’s the cast giving Rob Benedict his birthday presents, or his “stroke kit”.

Richard: Here’s your stroke kit. You have Vaseline.

Jensen: You never know when you need to get out of tight situations. 

Jared: Or into tight…

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J2 panel - Their favourite monster question

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J2 panel snippet - Do they think it’s funny when people dress like them?

Listen, we all ship what we ship. And I think it’s awesome that there’s so much passion and love for that particular ship.

But sending hate to that girl isn’t right. Yes, her intentions were wrong, but it’s not like she made a poster saying “I hate Misha.” So please just leave her alone and let her be happy about the photo!

What also isn’t right, is dedicating yourself to a blog that bashes a particular ship and the people who love it. It’s not fair, it’s immature, and frankly the fact your waisting your time on that is sad.

I don’t fucking understand why we can’t all just respect each other. Who the hell cares at the end of the day what someone’s OTP is? If you don’t ship it, good for fucking you. If you do ship it, good for fucking you.

I’m sick of this childish hate. It’s ridiculous.

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J2 give Rob balloons and cake snippet