Tonight’s Jojo 60min theme was “Friendship

I’ve been really into inking again now that I bought myself another bristol sketchbook. Might fix up some things digitally and rework this into a print for NewCon.

Normally, I won’t tag Jojo spoilers for anything older than SBR because the series is as old as I am, but since the SDC anime isn’t here yet, I’ll tag this one

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New #Music Video: @JLo Ft @IGGYAZALEA – Booty

A walk amongst the stars :: Iggy

  Ava clipped on a jacket over her Chanel wrap around bag and made her way out of her apartment, hands toasty in her pockets. The night air was crisp and she could tell it was finally getting colder, fall was coming back in full spring and she’s missed it. The perfect mixture of crisp and cool. As Ava look down at the pavement, avoiding eye contact for now as she paid attention to her black tennis shoes. 

By now the brunette knew her way throughout the city, seeing as she’s lived in New York her whole life, but it wasn’t until recently that she allowed  herself to roam the streets alone. Tonight, however, she didn’t want to walk alone, and Ignacio was nice enough to volunteer. Despite everything that’s happened, the things she’s been called, it was nice knowing she’d be hanging out with him again. 

It wasn’t long before she arrived, sitting at a bench to relax her long legs, comfortable in her denim skinny jeans. Jean weather, son it’d be sweater weather, and she couldn’t wait to feel comfortable in her own clothes; drink hot tea to warm up her whole body and relax her muscle. “God that’s a good idea…” Ava found herself whispering, smiling as she did this. 

Lots of drama, little actual content on here the past few days. 

Sorry, guys. Just because a few people anonymously dislike me/my attributes/etc. certainly doesn’t mean that everyone feels the same way. I will admit that I am terribly overly sensitive and I need to work on that.

Although, telling anyone, but especially someone with an ED that they’re definitely obese, etc. is a legitimate cause for hurt feelings, I think, as well as the attention seeking hateful homophobe obsessive etc. comments.

Which I am now rehashing so…stop, Amy! I’m writing a treatment/ED whatever version of Iggy Azalea’s “Work” and it’s ridiculous and corny but I’m enjoying it and finding it cathartic, so.