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With the Second Wizarding War almost ten years in the past, survivor and Witch Weekly journalist,LAVENDER BROWN, is on a mission to track down the Hogwarts class of 1998 to see where they are now.

It’s not hard to see how the whole of Britain’s Wizarding world has fallen in love with Ronald Weasley. From his boy-next-door grin to his cheerful demeanour, Ron is every bit the type of guy you’d love to introduce to your parents, or even just invite around for a Butterbeer on a Saturday afternoon. Of course, it’s not like he has time for such things anymore.

“Life is definitely very busy at the moment,” he tells me. We’ve managed to schedule our interview and photoshoot on a day when he has blessedly few meetings, cramming our engagement into a short, four hour shoot. We talk as the photographer moves around us and Ronald, every bit the professional, knows how to work the camera to his advantage. “I’m running Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes alongside my brother now, and we’ve plans to expand the business to other sectors, so there’s that.

“And, of course, I’m still helping Harry [Potter] out with loads of stuff. It’s been a few years, but there are heaps of reparations to be made, still. Hermione [Granger] and I are really involved.”

And what of Ron’s relationship to the third member of the Golden Trio, Hermione Granger? After a rather tumultuous relationship whilst at Hogwarts, the two finally seemed to make things work, coming out of the Final Battle holding hands. 

“Hermione?” Ron asks, blushing to his ears. “She’s great. She’s really, really great. We’re really happy together. I couldn’t really ask for anything more, I don’t think.”

So no wedding bells in the future for our War heroes?

“I mean, it’s a possibility, but right now we’re both so focused on our respective jobs. Our careers and the future of the Wizarding world is really what’s our top priority right now. There’s always time for other things. But I’m sure my mother won’t want to be kept waiting for much longer!”

On the topic of work, Ron’s enthusiasm seems to grow.

“I loved working with the Aurors. I mean, it was definitely rewarding, but I just couldn’t see myself doing it for life. Saving people is definitely more Harry’s sort of thing. And for me, family has always come first, and knowing that George needed a hand running the shop was a huge incentive for me to step down from the Ministry.”

Now, a couple of years on, is working in a joke shop all that he thought it’d be?

“I love it. Back before the War, when the shop first opened, we all needed a bit of laughter in our lives. It was just before everything broke out, and the twins were doing a roaring trade because that’s what people needed. Now, moods have lifted, but so has business.”

“We’ve actually got a new branch opening up in Godric’s Hollow,” Ron says. “We’ve expanded to Hogsmeade, making it easier for Hogwarts students to purchase our wares during the school year, which I’m sure Headmistress McGonagall is rather unhappy about. But now, we’re just trying to open up anywhere there’s a large Wizarding population. We want to make sure our products are easily accessible, particularly for kids who have busy parents who can’t cart them off to Diagon every Saturday.”

And what about in his spare time? What does someone as accomplished and downright busy as Ron Weasley do when they get a weekend off work?

“It’s rare, I’ll admit,” he says. “I never thought I’d be a workaholic but what’s not to like about running a joke shop?

”But when I get the chance, I still love a good game of pick up Quidditch. Playing with my sister [Ginny Weasley] is no fun because she’s too good, but I always give it a go anyway. Otherwise, me and some of the boys from Hogwarts are always up for a match if we have the time.

“I’ll always be a family man, though. Sundays are always spent at my parents’ place with as many family members as possible. Most of the time, there’s more people than can fit in the house. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than being around my family.”

Y’all are like “SNAPE WAS OBSESSED WITH LILY” but god forbid people care about their loved ones in war time

Slytherin is all about self-preservation, cunning, pragmatism. 

To place Snape in a setting where he’s surrounded by Gryffindors judging everything he does from their standards while actively alienating, distrusting, or manipulating him, and then wondering why this Slytherin who came from an abusive household where the abuser was a muggle, whose only good friend (justifiably) cut ties with him, leaving him with peers who pushed him into the service of a dark lord who would actively threaten his life at the first sign of disobedience, is not at all eager to risk his life for people who hate him or have in the past harbored ill will and intended harm on him—is idiotic. 

And what like 90% of Tumblr does all the time. 

“He didn’t care about Harry and wouldn’t have cared about Neville, he must be terrible.” 

How many of you guys would like to go to a war torn country right now and take a bullet for a random child? I’d like to know. 

I would take a bullet for my friends and family. I might do it for a random child, but I’ve never been put in a position where I had to do that, and if I was told to do it I probably wouldn’t do it after a minute’s thought. 

But yeah, Snape still risked his life and died for Harry anyway. Let’s not forget that. 

He did it for Dumbledore, who, out of all the people in his life, he believed could protect him from Voldemort. Even in risking his own life on a day to day basis, he was being pragmatic. 

The one thing that had him throwing pragmatism out the window was Lily. He did it for her, because she was the one person who showed him care and gave him friendship. He owed it to her to keep her son safe, despite the fact that her son was the wizard equivalent of a ticking shrapnel bomb in a time Voldemort was rising to power. 

“But he overlooked Harry to clutch Lily’s dead body! He’s obsessed!” 

You know if my best friend was killed and her son was safe in bed and not in immediate danger, I’d hold her and cry too. Same with any number of my family members. Does that make me obsessed? 

I’d have figured it makes me a normal person grieving over the violent and sudden death of a loved one. Or something. 

And he did save Harry’s life and guard him for years. 

Does that justify him treating Harry and other children like shit? No. 

But his shitty behavior doesn’t negate the fact that he died protecting Harry and helping the heroes on Dumbledore’s orders. 

And it certainly doesn’t negate the fact that he genuinely loved Lily. 

You don’t go to abuse victims and tell them “Your love for this one person is just obsession, not real love! You’re disgusting!” 

But you all do that, constantly, with Snape.