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I've not long arrived in Poland. It's freezing and there is so much snow. From what I've seen so far, it is a beautiful country :D (I couldn't reply to your post as my phone hates me D:)

it IS freezing omg. i crey every time i have to go out. OTL weeeeeeeeeellllllllllllll, it is pretty in here, but it’s even prettier in the summer. :3 (it’s okay, technology hates me too)

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1. who is your bias, and why? 
My bias is Jung Su, it’s kinda hard to explain why, I just loce him, he’s special and really precious to me.
2. what is your favourite group? Super Dorks.

3. what music do like other than kpop? I likea Maroon 5, Jason Mraz and ither American artists, but also Horia Brenciu who is a Romanian singer.

4. what is your favourite food?
 nom,nom, I love pizza, varza (Romanian dish) and ciorba (Romanian dish again lol)
5. what is it like where you live? 
Hmmm, it’s a little hard because of the economy, but my country is a really beautifl one, you have to visit it. (We have Transylvania)
6. where would you like to live? 
France or South Korea.
7. how would you describe your personality? I think I’m pretty funny, I understand people, but I’m not good at giving advices.

8. what is your favourite film? Too many. Lol

9. what are your favourite songs? 
10. what is your ultimate otp? 
I myself don’t know, I love a lot KangTeuk, but also MinWook.
11. what is your favourite picture of your bias? Is really hard to choose, but for now I can say the one in my icon, because he has that cute pout and he is just adorableee

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1. Who’s your ultimate BIAS?
•  oh gosh, this has become so hard recently. too many flawless men ruining my life. orz
well my Super Junior bias list is kinda ruined because all of them are so damn perfect. but Kangin was my first bias ever and he still has the special place in my heart. but then there’s this flawless man called Taeheon. so I’ll say these two men; Kangin and Taeheon.
sobs, I feel kinda bad for not mentioning everyone else here and there’s also few men who are just climbing up up up my already messed up bias list… sigh. life is so hard. 

2. The last movie you’ve seen?
•  just watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and How to Train Your Dragon (for the second time ♥).

3. You’re birth-date?
• 10.02.1994 

4. Song Hye Kyo or Kim Tae Hee?
•  I think I’ve seen Kim Taehee in some drama but that’s kinda all I know about these two so can’t really pick. :/

5. Have you ever tried bungee jumping?
• nope. would be cool to try but I’m afraid I don’t have guts to do it. haha!

6. When/how did you become a kpop fan?
 • almost six years ago when I found SJ’s Haengbok MV. couldn’t resist the cuteness. ♥

7. Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?
 • Milk Chocolate ~

8. Is there any other music genre you like aside from kpop?
 • I also like jrock/pop ~

9. What do you think is the ideal age to get married?‎
 • it really depends on person. when you’re mature enough to understand how it will affect your life and just when you’re ready to settle down.

10. If you got stuck in an elevator with your bias, what will you do?
 • it would be too overwhelming to even be in an elevator with my bias so being stuck there… all the omgomgasdghasfda of being in a small room with your bias + panic of being stuck in the elevator… I don’t think I could even do anything… I’d probably faint or something. lmao.

11. One word to describe yourself?
•  derp.

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2. favorite Korean show or drama?
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5. favorite hairstyle your bias has had?
6. one of your favorite pictures of your bias?
7. what’s the first thing you pay attention to when you meet a person?
8. do you collect anything?
9. do you have any habits?
10. what’s nicest thing someone has ever said to you?
11. is there something you’d like to say about my blog~?