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New Release Haters



———- Srsly Ever After High Tag? Srsly? ———

What is the matter with you? If you feel like you have some above all-power comment to say, cause you reeeeally need to cause something isn’t fair for you,  then at least make it worth it and post with your actually account instead of cowarding behind the Annon option. Annon don’t care about your first world problems.

It seems like every time someone gets a new release before anyone else there’s anon hate. I’m being public about this because We have also been a target of this hate and its kinda childish, Everyone is eventually going to get the release. Maybe not now or later or maybe not for a year or two but don’t worry your country will get the release and then you can post your pictures. There are bigger things in the world to hate on.

Gurl you keep doin’ what you are doin’. Keep getting those first releases and taking picture like you do. Jealous Haters are going to hate.

(Hate message aren’t ours, they came from another lucky fans blog. I hope you don’t mind us using them.)

Ok ok ok….if you haven’t graduated yet, I’ll give you a free pass. Whatever, college yolo. But if you are smart enough to get a diploma, you should be able to take yourself seriously enough to stop posing like this.

For some reason everyone wants to ask me why I think Keke Palmer could be gay. Welp she posted this pic. Thats all really. Haven’t done any research on the topic and frankly I’m not that invested in celebrity coming outs but yall are so….

Logic and Reason #1

You don’t have “headmates”. You’re simply a human teenager with too much time on the internet, and none of these so called “personalities” in your system would exist if you didn’t have access to a personal blog to cover up how mundane you are as a real person. People who actually have DID generally have instability in their lives and generally have it treated because they don’t want it.