I’m not completely pro ending but I would never associate myself with antis. I just don’t understand if those who liked the ending (Naruto becoming the hero-as obvious as it was) are suddenly called pro genocide and assumed to think the shinobi system is fine by some of the loud antis. There’s literally no one in pro ending who claims the shinobi system is ok and calling anyone pro-genocide is hurtful esp if their ancestors have been through that.

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Do you have any advice on writing race in nonfiction, particularly autobiographical, works? I'm mixed race, just for context.

Writing ‘Race’ in Non-Fiction

This is a very general question which is very hard to answer. The things I can think of are the standard advice we give alongside answers to specific questions: Do your research, read works (and their reviews) similar to what you’re aiming to write, and pick appropriate beta-readers. Oh, and since it’s autobiographical, just be true to yourself and try to analyze and reflect on your past and present thoughts, actions, motivation, etc. 

~ Mod Alice


Must-Watch Movies 

These are movies you just have to watch. And for someone who hates tragic stories, I can assure you that these have happy endings *winks winks*

Begin Again has the best soundtrack like seriously I watched it five times because of its soundtrack. *ehem* Adam Levine *ehem*
Musicians for the most part are monosyllabic teenagers who really don’t have a whole lot to say. –Dan

Stuck in Love is a terrific movie showing three different perspective in love and take note that they are a family of writers trying to find their way in love! How can you not find that cool!?
Just avoid love at all costs. That’s my motto. –Samantha

Upside Down has a freakingly good plot. Defy gravity and whatever for love. Love. Love.
Gravity, they say you can’t fight it. Well, I disagree. What if love was stronger than gravity. –Adam

Ella Enchanted, *sighs* good for the young (very young) at heart [laughs] This is a really really cute movie. 
Look to yourself, Ella. What’s inside you is stronger than any spell. –Ella`s Mother

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what do the characters see in the dreams?

That is up to you! Each dream is different for each character, along with its impact. Some take the dream in stride and accept it quickly. Some struggle with it. We’re giving you guys the creative liberty to do what you want with the dream. :) 

Monty Jesus has a Facebook

Wow! My little piece on Monty Jesus has gained a lot more attention than I imagined it would. Apparently a deity of the overworked digital artist is something that is long overdue.

A couple of people have expressed interest in knowing more about Monty Jesus, and the superstitions that surround him. You might be interested to know that Monty Jesus has a Facebook page that you can follow.

Posted on the pages are messages from Monty Jesus, things like scripture passages as well as divine instruction. Here are a few quotes.

Call your mother. I’ll curse your renders if you don’t.

-Monty Jesus

The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away, air conditioning is no exception". - The Book of Moot Chapter 64 verse 18

…“(A)nd on the third day he rose from his chair, hair a mess, maru sauce on his shirt eyes dialated from the interior lighting, and thus he proclaimed, "i am risen” and went home…. only to nap for about five minutes before getting an email from the renderfarm telling him that his renders are done, which they were in fact not done, but had dropped from the farm due to his files not set locally…“ The Book of Moot Chapter 31 Verse 4