“The Good Charlotte album is going to happen whenever it does. It’s got to be special and we have to have something to say. We’re going to go out and take this album to the world and see where it takes us. When the songs come, the songs come. We’re never going to break up. I don’t know when the next album will be but I couldn’t ever see us breaking up. We love each other too much.” - JM


   definitely going to take Caroline’s advise.
stay away from boys, Elena.
it was easy enough, she wasn’t exactly boy mad.
but lately she seemed to need more comfort than usual.
however, she would settle for a coffee and something sweet in replacement.

stupidly, she focuses on a text from Jeremy on her phone rather than where she’s walking and collides with a body.
”oh, sorry!”

A girl came into my office today and asked me if we did summer internships— I couldn’t help but laugh. Why the fuck would I want to spend a month training something just for them to quit a month later. A waste of my time.