Summer Garden and Yard plans
  1. build two raised beds with trellis in the front yard
  2. plant Jack-O-Lantern and sugar pumpkins
  3. start backyard deck over swampy corner (fill in dog holes, drainage rock, leveling sand, pavers, deck supports)
  4. finish deck (frame, decking)
  5. build herb boxes to hang on the fence & plant herbs
  6. build more raised beds in the backyard, according to fall planting plans
  7. Fence off garden area

This is my rough plan for this summer’s adventures in growing and building. I’ll be building beds to use the square foot gardening system. The first will be the pumpkins, which I want to start next week or the week after so they’ll be ready in October. I’ll be doing those two beds in the front yard, and trying to grow at least some vertically on a nylon string trellis. I’m doing this in the front yard so in the fall I can just put out a sign letting people know they can pick what they want. I’ve never grown pumpkins before, let alone in Louisiana summer, so it’ll be an adventure.

There’s a section of our backyard that gets very muddy, and grass hardly grows there. It’s the corner that the whole backyard drains through, so that kinda makes sense. I want to put a floating deck over it so water can still drain, but the space can be more easily accessed (we’ve got a faucet there, and the breaker box). The dogs will be gone with my girlfriend all summer, so I don’t have to finish the whole thing at once to keep them from digging up my work. I’ve never built a deck before, but it looks pretty basic. A frame with supports, covered by decking. We’ll see how I do. It’ll also provide a good place for our rain barrel to catch the roof’s runoff, and make later backyard gardening easier.

When that’s done, I’ll keep going and build some small hanging boxes to grow herbs along the fence. Some for eating, some for (hopefully) repelling mosquitoes, and some for attracting bees. We’ve got a 6 foot wood privacy fence, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Depending on what we decide to grow in the late summer and fall (what little fall we get here), I’ll build one or two more boxes for the backyard. Probably for potatoes and onions (that’ll take a deeper box), garlic, lettuce. We’ll see when we get there. I’m considering having a PVC pipe frame that runs across them, so I can connect the hose from the rain barrel and just open the valve to water the boxes.

Finally, I’ll need to build a fence to keep the dogs out of the garden when they return. I’ll need to call someone to come mark up the yard so I’ll know where I can drive fence posts. Hopefully some chicken wire will be enough to dissuade them.

Honestly, I think this has the potential to help me a lot with my depression and anxiety. I just need to learn to detach myself from the results and treat each thing as a learning experience. Wish me luck.

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