Fullmetal Alchemist Characters As Drinks

The Edward: Served in a short glass, but packs a powerful punch. A bright red drink that seems to explode and leaves one in a painful daze for several days.

The Alphonse: Sweetly flavored like apple pie. Comes in an enormous metal tankard that easily dwarves the Edward. People who’ve heard of the Edward’s potency often mistake the Alphonse for it.

The Mustang: Served icy cold, but goes down like liquid fire and can give a drinker the runs. Served tall and on the rocks, with a taste customers describe as “snappy.” Popular with the ladies.

The Hawkeye: Served cool in a tall glass. Popular with our male customers for its pleasant appeal, though one shot from our Hawkeye could easily knock out even the hardiest customer.

The Winry: Served with a sandwich, but the sandwich will immediately be forgotten in favor of the Winry’s sweet, unique flavor. Very bubbly, though drinking it is a wrenching experience.

The Hughes: Nonalcoholic. Children love the Hughes just as much as the Hughes loves children. Served in a plastic cup that may gush all over the drinker.

The Scar: A shot of pure hard liquor imported from the southeast. Customers who try this shot call it a religious experience.

The Ling: Has a rich flavor, but one sip on your part and the Ling will suck you dry. One Ling will fuel your greed for more and more…

The Hohenheim: An ancient recipe, though you wouldn’t know it. Served in a simple mug. Its modest appearance belies its intensity. Do not pair it with an Edward, lest you desire great intestinal pain.

The Armstrong: One of our strongest drinks, the recipe has been passed down FOR GENERATIONS! Served in a mug so clean it’s sparkling.

The Izumi: Though the alcohol used to make an Izumi is mostly drank around the house by stay-at-home-moms and the like, it is mixed to be our most dangerous drink, even more powerful than the Armstrong. The Izumi actually helped in the process of perfecting our Edward and Alphonse

The Envy: Often called a girls’ drink for its fruity flavor, but men drink it too, dang it! It’s gender neutral! Serve in a shapely glass on a bed of palm trees. Maraschino cherries added upon request.