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okay i think that’s it you’re all awesome also have a good day!!

I’ve literally been meaning to do a follow forever since I hit my first hundred followers last year, but never managed to get around to it. However, I reached 1000 1050  followers and I’m so happy and so grateful and finally decided to make one. I’m honestly so thankful for each and every one of your follows and reblogs and I wish I could talk to all of you because you’re all so special. 

Okay so first of all these people are literally my favorite human beings ever. ♥

❀ chanelservice Chanel you’re literally my bestest friend on the entire planet. We met around four months ago on that roleplay but it feels as though I’ve known you for years and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you. You make me laugh so hard and you’ve changed me into a different person, much more carefree that’s for sure, and you taught me how to swear, which is fucking awesome. You’re my mom idk why I call you that but I just did one day and it stuck. I love you so so much, I’m forever grateful we met. 

❀ ohmrpresident Babe you are one of my best friends on here. I was checking before writing this and we met a couple months before I turned fourteen and I’m sixteen now, turning seventeen in May! You are so talented, I have honestly never roleplayed with someone as talented as you and your plot twists continue to amaze me because they are literally the best thing ever. You’re so funny and clever and I still to this day mean to skype you and as soon as you read this, I swear we will. I can’t wait to join another roleplay with you and see what we come up with. I love you so much jfc. 

❀ uberhaxorsnova jesus christ i will never know how to spell  your url. Anywaaay it’s been ages since we’ve talked and it hurts my heart because we were literally the closest friends ever. We were only in one roleplay together and I honestly would not change anything about our two characters because to this day they still make me cry. You’re amazing and beautiful and remember that one time we video skyped and read smut you had written hahaha we were so duumb. We’ve known eachother for nearly 3 years now which is insane. Ilysfm. 



: Jenn baaabe we’ve only been talking a little while but you’re hilarious, I honestly think you’re high 99% of the time. You’re such a weird kid i worry about u ok. You make me laugh so hard and even though I keep swearing at u i s2g i love u. 



: abbey you are the cutest human being on the planet. You are so so sweet and nice and you’re very talented and if we ever meet I will buy you a whole store full of sims stuff but your mom would probably kill me because you’re waaay too obsessed already js. love u baby.



: Mooorgan you must hate me by now since I suck at replying to our gorgeous 1x1 and to kik but you are so so sweet and nice and patient and so dedicated you make me cry when we roleplay together and i know i keep saying we have to pick it up again well this time i actually mean it kk. ilysm 

Pretty sure I missed loads of people I used to talk to, and I really want to talk to you still so hmu.

And then the rest of you wonderful people that light up my entire dash. ♥

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Thank y’all so much!! i love u all babes

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Thank you all so so sooooo much for following me because it honestly means the world to me! I know these last couple of weeks I have not been very active because school has started! (sorry I haven’t done anything I’m tagged in I’m trash and I’m sorry and I love you all) And I actually was meaning to make one of these when I got 250 followers but hey, 282 is a pretty nifty number! I love you all and appreciate you all and wowowow let the follow forever commence! (p.s. I am a forgetful little weenie and if I have forgotten you or didn’t bold you or something, lemme know!)

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so sup, i’m making this follow forever in honor of finally reaching 500 followers a few weeks ago. [bows] thank you all so much! i appreciate every single one of you. this list is for people who’s blog i truly enjoy and want to give a special shout out to for making tumblr such a nice place to be. i might have forgotten a few, but please know i love you all! of course it’s all in alphabetical order, so don’t worry if you’re at the end, ur probably my favorite.
[luigi voice] let’sa go!

"i love you please love me" 

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"i also love you but don't wanna freak u out" 

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Celebrating over 600 followers, and over 1 year on tumblr! Bolded are favs, Italics are people I’ve talked too! If I missed anyone, let me know! And if links aren’t working, just pass the word and I’ll fix them right up! 


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Thank you all so much for being wonderful, talented, beautiful people. Hopefully this is good enough for my first time! uwu

lmao excuse the bad edit but! i hit 3k omg thank you all i really love you guys, and anyways i never did a follow forever and ive made so many friends from having this and yeah ok here

best fronds: 

beatriz blazedcliffords : hi beatriz! omg i loveeee you so so so much, i think we started talking in like january and aw i feel like ive known you for forever, you’re always there for me and i really love you okkkk bye bae

mindy whimsicalhood : MINDAYYYYY! hey girl hey, ok omg where do i start? you are like awesome and perfect aw. we’ve been friends for months and even before that i knew who you were. darn we could’ve been at the same school, but at least we get to meet on october 3, aw ok i love youuuu

bree year6michael hey bree! aw i haaven’t talked to you in a while but yeah i love you ok ok ok byeee

hev connorfrnata: hey hev!! ok you were like one of my favorte mutuals and i was scared to talk to you for a while but aw im so glad we started talking okokkkkk i love you also mmkay bye

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5sos-official and grant-landis pls love

I’m sorry if i missed anyone! i do love everyone i follow and yeah. i loveeee you guys! thanks for being awesome and putting up with my annoying self :)))))))

FF vol.2 (2012) by Matt Fraction & Mike Allred ; Rated T ; finished series

In the Fantastic Four’s absence, a hand-picked substitute squad—Ant-Man, Medusa, She-Hulk and Miss Thing—must guard Earth and the fledgling Future Foundation for four minutes. What could go wrong?

Download: 001 / 002 / 003 / 004 / 005 / 006 / 007008 / 009 / 010 / 011 / 012 / 013 / 014 / 015 / 016 

Chapter 21 Part 2


I held Rohan close to me I just cannot believe that he touched my son, we have never even hit our kids and some motherfucker touched him “I’m sorry” I said to Rohan kissing his head “I eat eye cream?” he lifted his head up “ice cream?” he nodded smiling “okay I’ll get you ice cream but you have to eat your food first yes?” he nodded laying his head on my shoulder again, Chris looked real angry but I’m shocked he never blamed me for this he usually does saying I don’t look after him. Mijo was so calm talking to that motherfucker “Chris” I grabbed his hand “please calm down, don’t let my family get you heated. I told you I got this right?” I could tell he doesn’t believe me but I actually do, Chris squeezed my hand giving me a faint smile.

Mijo walked back over to us sighing “don’t flip out ok?” he said to Chris “I’m being serious but if we let him leave this house like this he going to press charges on Chris, he just said and will make sure he goes down for it. Have you not seen his face bro? You were kicking him, his nose is broke and he can barely see from his eyes. I need to get someone to come here and sort him out, he can’t leave the house like that” Chris looked at Adrian wanting to hit him again but I grabbed his arm “calm down ok? Mijo knows what he is talking about and I do not need you in jail, we already get bad press” Chris was shaking his head sighing “so you gonna let him stay in this house after he touched Rohan?” he said through gritted teeth “what you want me to do? I told you everything will be sorted just calm the hell down” I held on to Chris’ arm pulling him to the kitchen “no, you not staying here Chris let Mijo sort it out, you’re staying with me where I can see you” he was mean mugging me but I don’t care, I need to watch him.

Chris sat on the stool in the kitchen just watching me, Rohan sat silently next to him “say it then” I looked at him from across the kitchen counter “say what?” he looked at me all confused “that this is all my fault, I don’t look after the kids” I rather he just say it now then later on in an argument “I ain’t thinking shit, I’m just thinking why you have some nigga living with my kids. I have a grown ass daughter here and yet you still have him here, that could have been Chanise and I would have killed somebody then what huh? I would go down for murder I don’t care” he looks so sexy when he is angry and I ended up just smiling at him “what’s the smile for???” his nose flared out in anger “sorry, I just found it sexy ok? Don’t mind me carry on” waving him off “you’re annoying” he scoffed looking away.

Sitting in the dining room at the table there was a split between my family and us, Mijo and Mel bringing it together luckily. I had Chris next to me with Rohan on his lap “dad you heard that Rohan kisses girls at school” Chanise nudged Chris “really?” Chris looked shocked at Rohan, his little face got all red “just one!!” he screamed out turning around to face Chris “why you kissing girls already son?” Rohan got so shy looking at me “just” he mumbled “you can’t be starting already baby” pulling his cheek “but mommy you kiss” he started doing kissy faces in my face “I give you kisses yes” he frowned at me “noooooo, you kiss dad” I chuckled at him kissing his cheek “stop being cute” wiping my lipstick from his cheek “my boys” turning to my side kissing Marley’ cheek and then Chris’ “I’m still your boy huh?” he pulled a face “shut up” pinching his cheek “hey!!” he said laughing at me “aye kids, your mom been texting me in the morning saying hey to me. Like she spammed me saying hey” I hate him so much right now “and then …” he paused looking over at me “then what?” I looked at him confused, he waved me over to get closer to him “you sent me that naked picture because I wasn’t replying” I hit his chest blushing “shut the fuck up, I will punch you” he was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes “I was asleep though, I opened my eyes and saw that!!” I can’t stand him right now, I swear.

I turned my face away from him, he been laughing at me for too damn long now. I felt his face so close to my ear “I enjoyed it though” he whispered in my ear “you got me hard” he kissed my ear moving back, everyone staring and I was just looking around the room so innocently while blushing “are two done?” Mel asked looking annoyed “like get a damn room bitch” I felt so shy because of him. Chanise turned her mobile towards me “look mom” she showed me a picture of us “I did not know Marley was pulling that face behind me, Chanise you look so nice in that selfie though” it was a cute picture of my kids pulling faces while me and Chris were laughing at each other, she showed Mel the picture “that is such a nice picture but I told y’all how them two ruin shit because they can’t stop looking at each other” Mel side eyed me “but I love that, send it me Chanise” Chris was laughing to himself “yeah send it Robyn so she can crop y’all out and just have herself in it” I hit his leg “I have never done that” he raised an eyebrow “ok once, I looked good negro so bye” waving him off.


I barely actually ate because I got stared at even if I touched something; everyone ate in silence too which was a horrible vibe after having that laugh with my family. Robyn looked so nervous but I was waiting on her to sort her family out, I wonder what she doing anyways “Chanise can you take Rohan upstairs and get my bag thank you” she turned to Marley “and you too Marley” Rohan got off my lap “I see you later ok?” Rohan smiled waving at me, holding onto Chanise’ hand as they walked out. Robyn leaned on me she was shaking holding my hand “calm down” kissing her head “I don’t like this” she mumbled, I felt so bad that I’m putting Robyn in that kind of situation, I hate that she is even stressing over this. Chanise passed Robyn her bag walking out shutting the door, Mijo looked at me and mouthed “shit is about to go down” I laughed at him, Robyn didn’t find it funny but I did.

She moved away from me getting some envelopes out from her bag, what the hell are they “pass them on, it has your names on it” she gave them to Mel to give to them, I was so curious on this and what is planned. Robyn stood up and looked at me “please don’t say anything ok?” I didn’t say anything to her when she said that because I can’t just sit here and get abused from her family, but I shall be good. Her family just stared at the envelopes “what is this?” Monica asked in confusion “open them” Robyn said swallowing hard, I need popcorn because this seems real good and I could not stop smiling “one way tickets to Barbados?” Rajad held the ticket up, my mouth fell open “yeah….” She trailed off, I was waiting on little Miss Black Witch over there to pop off “Barbados? One way tickets” her mom spat getting up “what is this Robyn!?” she is fuming “this is me picking” her mom started walking over slowly “picking what!!!? Your family over him you’re throwing your family out in the streets, how could you” I shook my head licking my lips “are you fucking laughing!!?” Rorrey spat looking at me; Robyn looked at Rorrey “don’t!! This has nothing to do with him ok” Robyn wanted me to be quiet so I guess I will just sit and watch.

Robyn’ mom stepped to Robyn getting in her space “so is this what you want? Us gone yeah?” Robyn just froze not really saying anything “mommy please I love you so much but I’m not happy either” her mother laughed pointing at me, which really annoyed me “he makes you happy? Robyn he makes you cry how is that making you happy huh!!?” I was dying to protect Robyn from her but I’m leaving it “he can make me cry all he wants but he is the one that can make me happy, you can’t do what he does!” they was both face to face looking like they was about to fight “you pick him do not ever call me, I’m dead to you” I stood up “how can you fucking say that to her!!?” Robyn turned around to me crying “you’re so selfish! She loves you and me yet you rather say that to her. All you motherfuckers are selfish” I pointed at them all, Robyn hid her face in my chest crying “selfish!!? You fucked other women while married to my daughter; she is worth so much more than you how dare you even talk about being selfish. You piece of shit cheated on my daughter and yet you come out smelling of roses, you have her wrapped around your finger love is blind with my daughter because you are shit” she pointed in my face “she could have been a queen but instead she is this weak woman because of you and I do not care, I don’t want to know she is not my daughter anymore. We will be gone don’t worry” I put my arm around Robyn “all you did is cheat, Rorrey knew all the women you did it with while being married to my daughter. She is just a stupid girl” Mel got up walking over to Monica “I hate you Christopher Brown, as soon as she laid eyes on you she was ruined” Mel motioned her to move back because she was so close to us.

Monica shrugged her off “no!! I want him to know” I looked down at Robyn “you okay?” kissing her head “no” she sobbed out “you beat my daughter up and you think we forgave you for that? You got her pregnant and then got married to her, I had to remain calm because of her but you know what I wish you just disappeared” I scoffed “always bringing up old shit, bitter as fuck that is all you are. Now y’all have the tickets just leave” Monica got so close to my face, I was waiting for her to hit me but Robyn turned around getting between us “no! Stop this; I have had enough of you disrespecting my husband and family. No not anymore mom you have to move on and stop this, you don’t love me enough to accept my family” she laughed in her face “I will never accept that boy get that in your head Rihanna!!” the tension in the room was so thick “how can you do this to us? We have a life in LA, you’re such a bitch” Rajad said out of nowhere “what did you say?” my head snapped in his direction “the fuck your coconut head having ass say you bitch nigga” Mijo quickly got up “nah get out my way Mijo, he think he can be disrespectful, I’ll take both of you on and Adrian I don’t care” they think they all bad as fuck getting up “you already beat Adrian now stop!” Mijo said, Rajad is a bitch nigga anyways “fuck them” I turned away from them.

Mel eyed me up but I wasn’t understanding “negro” she rolled her eyes “go” her eyes looked at Robyn and then the door “oh” I nodded “let’s go” I put my arm around Robyn’ shoulders “if this it then I do love you mommy, I’m sorry. I would do anything for you I tried so hard but I can’t fight this anymore, I am so sorry” I looked away, I got choked up myself “I am sorry I disappoint you all but I can’t make everyone happy, I’m sorry I been the bitch sister to you both and a horrible daughter to you” she said through her sobs but Monica didn’t even flinch or cry that her daughter is breaking down in front of her “come on Robyn” pulling her into a hug motioning her out, she was crying so hard while I was holding her up taking her out into the hallway “come here Robyn, stop it” she started fighting me “stop” hitting my chest before breaking down again “I’m sorry Robyn” I felt so bad and I feel like it is all my fault. Mel walked out the dining room “take them back to your apartment we got this, I promise just come back once they gone” I nodded holding Robyn close “come here Robz” she motioned her from my embrace.

I went upstairs knocking on Marley’ door “yes?” he shouted, I pushed the door open “pack a bag your coming with to my apartment” he looked shocked “uhm aight” rubbing the back of my head slowly walking to Chanise’ room but she came out of our room “what you doing in there?” Rohan was dragging his backpack “I was actually getting ready to come with you anyways” she smiled “and him too?” she nodded “because I don’t like it here so yeah” I smiled watching Rohan struggle with his backpack “do me a favour and pack the twins things I need to do Robyn’ ok? Hurry up about it please” I felt my age today, I am getting too old for this shit and I still have no idea where they gonna sleep, I guess it will be the couch for me.

Locking our bedroom door while holding Cayden in the car seat, making my way downstairs hearing them shouting probably making trouble again “Chanise and Marley get the twins in the SUV and all the bags insid, just wait for me in there” passing the car key to Marley, only god knows what they ranting about now and how they made it to the back of the house. “Here come that motherfucker” Rorrey said pointing at me, I leave Robyn here and she is smoking a damn blunt “I thought you stopped that shit” I walked over to her “I don’t want to go with you” she looked at me with hate in her eyes “really? Now you turning again” she blew smoke in my face “I don’t want you or my family, I hate you both” I looked at Mel “she been drinking while you was gone upstairs” I know that motherfucker gave her a blunt, she don’t even do that shit anymore “you stay here, I’ll go” I’m not even going to fight it anymore “yeah you go to your bitch” little does she know I’m taking my kids with me “she drunk” Mel ran over to me “well I don’t want to know Mel, I’m tired and the kids are, she can do what she wants” Mel sighed letting me go, Robyn picked me now she wanna be like this.


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Chapter 17: Just Brown


"What was going through your mind when you found me?" Robyn asks as we’re in the car to our next destination.

I tense thinking about that night I found her bruised, battered and blood all over her. I promised myself I wouldn’t go back to the night.

"I… I was scared. I was still young you know? I was just supposed to be going to this girl’s house and talk to her about music possibly a collab. I walked in and saw you on that floor… almost giving up. I saw you and saw my mother, I just knew I needed to save you so it was like I saved her in away y’know?" I glance back her and she nods with a far away expression on her face.

"I can never tell you enough how much I appreciate you for that. Can I tell you something?" She asks and I nod quickly. "When I was out for all that time… I had this dream, you were in it and there was the prettiest little girl and these two doors. You were at one and she was at another. I wanted to go to you but something was pulling me towards her so I went to her. She smiles, gives me a hug, she had the greenest eyes, she looked just like me I swear. She tells me "mommy, go with the nice man. I’ll be okay." She says mommy so of course I’m like no I’m not leaving her. Y’know?" She stops talking and looks at me for understanding.

"So she says "Come on mommy. You have to go before it’s too late. Don’t worry mommy. He’s a nice man, he loves you and he’s going to give me brothers and sisters." It was the cutest thing, she squealed sounding just like me. She gave me a big hug and kiss and told me to be nice to her new daddy." Robyn chuckles wiping her tears away with one hand as I bring the other one to my lips.

"That was your our daughter." I state kissing her hand causing her to sigh.

I tell her this because if she didn’t lose the baby, I would’ve raised her as my own. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know her, I would’ve done it.


I don’t know how I’ll tell him that they reopened the murder case. Apparently, they found new evidence that shows it was premeditated. Luckily, my lawyer has managed to get it as a consultation and not a trial. He used the fact that it’ll draw too much negative attention to the court as well as the police because I’m a popular celebrity whose pregnant.

My lawyer told me they dug up everything and when I say everything I mean everything from my past. Stuff that I haven’t even managed to tell Chris about yet.

I just know when he finds out he’ll think of me differently.

"The anniversary is soon. Isn’t it?" He questions taking me out of my thoughts and I nod.

What people don’t realize is that they don’t know Robyn, the broken island girl, they know Rihanna, careless party girl.

Robyn has a lot of hurt and pain in her heart where as Rihanna has skeletons, her reason for her careless attitude.

What people also don’t realize is my music always connect with some point in my life. It may not seem like it but there’s more than what meets the eye.

"Chris I know you ain’t take me to ya side bitch house." I joke trying to get away from the solemn mood as I admire the big beach house standing secluded.

It’s so cute and bad ass. It’s made of straight glass with white and wood trimmings, it kind’ve looks like James Bond’s house but bigger.

"Well here the keys to ya house, side bitch." He dangles the keys in my face as I glare at him for calling me a bitch.


"DIS MINE?!" I squeal before snatching the keys and throwing the car door open. "Imma let the fact that you called me a bitch slide."

I try to get out as fast as I can, which isn’t fast at all considering the fact that I have two people in my belly!

"You need help?" He asks amused and way him off as I speed walk to the door.

I unlock the door and see all of out stuff moved in, matching the white and wood in the house perfectly.

"CHRIS! OH MY GOD!" I scream as I walk around on my new hardwood floors. "When did you do this?"

"Today." He shrugs nonchalantly making me roll my eyes.

"Chris look at this fucking living room!" I saw in awe there’s the worlds sexiest white and glass staircase.

Then there’s steps that leads to an indoor patio which leads to this huge ass glass doors that opens to the beach which happens to be our backyard.

"Wait til you see our bedroom. It’s has the perfect view of the beach with a sitting area and you’re going to love our bathroom it looks like a sauna." He says as I walk towards him.

"How many bedrooms?" I ask wrapping my arms around him. "I see there’s an outdoor pool is there an indoor?"

"Eight and yeah, a theatre room, game room, and a basketball court." He says as I untuck his shirt and start to unbutton it.

"So… We have a total of thirteen rooms to break in. Kitchen first?" I ask as I fling his dress shirt away from him. "You won’t be needing that."

He looks at me with pure lust in his eyes before he presses his lips to mine. His hands roam my body as I hear a tear.

"Yew rip me dress?" I ask breathlessly as he continues to tear it in half.

"I’ll buy you another one." He grabs me by my neck and pushes my lips back to his.

Somehow as our tongues are fighting for dominance, we make it to the big glass door. I gasp at the cool feeling on my bare back.

"You ready?"


"I see mommy and daddy had some fun last night." Robyn’s doctor points out as Robyn lifts her sundress.

I marked her ass up, she got hickeys everywhere. Not one spot on her body was left untouched.

She got hand prints all on her ass, I put in work last night.

"Sure did." I beam at her and Robyn blushes.

Shit as soon as we got in the house it was on. We ain’t stop til about eight this morning now it’s about five in the afternoon, we got up like an hour ago.

"Okay let’s see how the babies are doing." She says squirting the gel on Robyn’s belly making her gasp from the coolness. "There’s baby A. You wanna know the sex?"

The babies heartbeat comes in strong causing my heart warm. I swear I’ll never get tired of hearing that sound.

"Yes." Robyn answers for us and her doctor nods before moving the camera thing around.

"Okay… Baby A looks like a girl and baby B is… another girl!" She beams at Robyn and I.

My eyes widen as a smile form on my face, two baby girls, two little Robyn’s.

Oh shit, two Robyn’s.

I can only imagine the attitudes I’ll have to deal with in the future.

"Two girls." I mumble and look at Robyn who’s wiping her tears. "Why you crying baby?"

"Because they’re going to have my nasty ass attitude!" She whines making me laugh cause I was just thinking the same thing.

Her doctor chuckles as she wipes the gel off of Robyn.

"You’re doing good. The babies look healthy. You having any problems?" She asks as Robyn pulls her dress back down.

"My back has be fucking killing me but that’s it." She says attempting to sit up by herself but I pull her up.

"Maybe if you sat down and didn’t wear heels every damn day." I point out causing her to stick up her middle finger.

"He’s right Mrs. Brown. If you don’t slow down I’ll gave to order you for bed rest until your due date." Robyn eyes widen.

"B- but but I have to get the nursery together. We just found out we’re having girls, I need to go shopping! We all need matching black and gold Versace outfits like I can’t do that from in the house." Robyn says shaking her head.

The babies not even here yet and she planning matching family outfits.

"Okay then. No more heels and if you’re out for more than two hours I need you to sit for an hour." Her doctor bargains with her making her huff in frustration.

"Fine." She pouts as kiss the tip of her nose.

"Okay. I’ll hold you to it. Mr. Brown, I know you’ll stay on it." I nod quickly making Robyn roll her eyes. "See you in a month Mr. and Mrs. Brown."


"Hey mommy." I answer my phone as Chris and I make our way back home.

We made up not too long ago. I called her crying and apologizing, she forgave me and I flew her out to me during the three months Chris and I were on a break.

"How was ya ‘pointment?" She asks as Chris squeezes my thigh. "What ya having?"

"Two girls!" I say excitedly and I hear her praying to Jah.

"Double yew? Lemme pray for Chreesthpa. Jah himself cannot even help dat chile." She says taking making my jaw drop and Chris starts to laugh.

She’s so fake man. How she talking about her own child?

"Mommy! Mi not dat bad!" I say causing her and Chris to start cackling.

"Chileeeeeee!" She starts laughing again.

"You know what? Imma call My other mommy! Bye!" I say about to hang up on her but I hear my name.

"Robyn Rihanna Fenty!" My eyes widen then I smirk.

"Mi no Fenty no more! Mi Brown!" I inform her and I can see her rolling her eyes.

"Fenty-Brown. Better?" She says but I smirk shaking my head.

I changed my name recently, I switched everything to Robyn Brown. I gave most of Fenty Inc. to Rajad, he’ll receive it when he turns eighteen.

"Nope. Just Brown now." I inform both her and Chris, who I know is happy as hell right now.

"Ooh. Yew fancy." She says making me laugh as we pull up in front of my new house.

I still can’t get over Chris. He’s so special to me. If for some reason we don’t workout, I know I’ll never stop loving him.

"Mommy, I’ll call you later. You should get the baby shower invites by Friday."

"Mm okay baby. Be safe. Love all four of ya." She says before hanging up.

"Just Brown huh?" He asks opening my door and I nod.

"Just Brown."

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Tytuł: Mały Książę

Paring: Larry Stylinson

Opis: Te same szmaragdowe tęczówki kryły w sobie tak wiele sprzecznych emocji, każdego kolejnego dnia patrząc na mnie w nowy, coraz to bardziej szczery i pełen uczucia sposób. To samo złamane, obojętne serce kryło w sobie tak wiele sprzecznych emocji, stopniowo, każdego kolejnego dnia coraz to bardziej przelewając je na chłopca o tych samych szmaragdowych tęczówkach, które to zawsze smutne, uśmiechały się jedynie na mój widok.
Lub: W momencie, gdy życie Louisa legło w gruzach, w ramach ucieczki podejmuje on zupełnie spontaniczną decyzję o wyjeździe do Paryża. Po drodze poznaje siedemnastolatka o smutnych, zielonych oczach, który mówi niewiarygodnie dużo, lecz nigdy o sobie.

AU: One Direction nie istnieje.

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