chanyeol licking his lips & sending out his signature v-sign when the fans called out his name~

Exo Reaction to you saying "daddy pass me the salt please" and both him and your dad reach for the salt

Can I hv a reaction where u were at ur house n you said ‘daddy pass me the salt please’ and both him n ur daddy reached for the salt. Thank you:D xoxo- Anon. 

Xiumin: oh dear lord. Your dad is gonna kill me 

Luhan: continues eating as if nothing happened

Your dad: What? 

You: What?

Kris: What?

Suho: *gif says it all* 

Lay: *tries to explain but stutters and fails instead*

Baekhyun: (thinking to himself) Just chew Baekhyun…Maybe everyone will forget about it 

Chen: (Chen to you on the way home) Omg how could you do this to me? Gosh if this wasn’t a habit at home this wouldn’t have happened! 

Chanyeol: Oh I um.. I just so happened to need salt the same time she did..

D.O: Oh shit…that did not just happen…

You laugh hysterically as soon as you get in the car with Tao. 

Tao: *gif* 

Kai: Omg this is so embarrassing I can’t even

Sehun: (hears you laughing and starts giggling with you) Oh my God we are so done for 

Gifs aren’t mine:)