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What would kissing Shizuo, Izaya, Dotachin, Celty, and Shinra be like? Who would use a lot of tongue, or let their hands trail their body, or smile into the kiss or any tiny details like that!

Celty would produce a lot more of the black smoke or it would be shaped in a heart sometimes. Her body language would say she loved being with her s/o. I feel like Celty wouldn’t trail her hands very much over her s/o but she will sometimes let her s/o trail their hands over her body.

Shinra’s hands would be all over his s/o a lot, and a lot of the time it would be innocent. He just like physical contact. His kisses would be right to point and also filled with a lot of love. Shinra would also smile into his kisses. He wouldn’t use his tongue very much though.

Kadota would be the type to run his hands along his s/o’s body. His kisses would be nice and sweet. It varies every time if he uses tongue, he would quite the gentlemen with his s/o.

Izaya would tease his s/o with his hands, a few touches here and there just to get them hot and bothered. He would also smirk more than smile in his kisses and would use tongue quite a bit, nothing innocent about his kisses.

Shizuo would rarely let his hands trail over his s/o. He would give quick pecks to the lips. His s/o would have to initiate if they wanted more than a simple peck and most of the time Shizuo will go along with it.

(I hope I did this right and this is what you wanted.)