Jabroni guy here, hope y’all are having a good time making fun of a mentally ill kid for… for what, exactly? making a few joke posts on a forum that came out harsher than expected? Being a little too aspie to strictly realize when something i’m typing is ridiculous or not? I’m not even doing any damage, sit down and concentrate on more important shit than one fucking assburger, smh.

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Call Girl Human AU. Either Loki does something for Jane that leaves her in his debt, that she can only pay by being his own personal call girl. Or, to pay off University fees, Jane becomes a call girl. Loki is one of her longstanding clients, who she might have a crush on but will keep things professional between them. Also, she's got a new boyfriend named Thor who she loves & knows nothing of her secret job. One day Thor invites her to meet his family. Including adopted brother Loki.

Prompt #96

I feel this is apropos:


(I very much love this idea!)

In Name Only

In the midst the Great Depression eighteen year old Katniss needs a miracle. Her Papa is dead, Mama has just been hauled off to the asylum, soon she’ll be evicted, and Prim put into the child’s home. WW1 Veteran, Peeta Mellark, gives her the means to save Prim, he offers to be her husband ‘in name only’. The only hitch is; Katniss thinks she loves him… Inspired by everlark recs DD May/Dec prompt



Play Review - Ravishing Medusa by Rachel Graf Evans

Earlier this week I caught a performance of “Ravishing Medusa” a thought-provoking one-hour play by Rachel Graf Evans.

Following the story of the Medusa, a beautiful virgin in classical mythology who was raped by Poseidon and subsequently transformed into a Gorgon, the play challenges viewers to draw a comparison between the misogynistic culture of the ancient world and that of contemporary western society.

Throughout the play women are chastised by society, particularly for their sexual choices and experiences. Athena is criticized for her choice to remain celibate, while Medusa is punished for being raped. I found this idea strongly reflected the catch 22 modern women face with regards to their own sexual practices.

What I enjoyed most was the play’s ability to address these themes in a way that is relatable to a contemporary audience without sacrificing the integrity in depicting an ancient culture. There is a tendency of many modern works when dealing with mythological topics to make it relatable to modern people at the expense of the source material. This really grates on me as a classical enthusiast, so it was very refreshing to see an adaptation of myth walk the line between ancient and modern so seamlessly.

Ravishing Medusa has a limited run and if you’re in the New York area this weekend I highly recommend going to see it.

You can check performance times below:


Notes: Above photo by Photo by Dijon Jackson (Source)

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You! Are! A! Skinny! Shaming! Piece! Of! Shit!

I don’t believe that I said anything that was skinny shaming. 

I’m just saying that no one has a right to decide what a legitimate trigger is.

The topic could have been anything. A trigger for self harm, a trigger for blood, a trigger for apples, my point is exactly the same. Don’t try to tell people what triggers are valid