Today me and my family mourn the death of our beloved dog, Chrissy. She was born on Christmas Day 7 years ago and she was filled with such joy and so much love. She would always be the first to kiss you in the morning and the last to say goodnight. She would take up half your bed and keep you warm on cold nights. She was a wonderful dog and I don’t think I’ll ever find another dog that had the same qualities she had. I will always remember you Chrissy, and I’ll forever miss you. I wish that you were still here, I wish I could say goodbye. But at least the last time I saw you, I said I loved you. And I really did and I still do. Rest in peace darling.


cries so me and my friend Chrissy (dorkyreindeer) made a Steven Universe AU where literally everything is the same but the characters are replaced with youtubers like we spent 20 mins trying to come up with a list!

so i drew fanart of course, cause i had to, the first thing i drew was Markinet (lmao) and then ariny and dannyipphire??? (im bad at names shut up)

anyways so the list is this:

Markiplier: Garnet
Arin/Danny: Ruby/Sapphire
Pewdiepie: Peridot
Tobuscus: Steven
Rhett/Link: Greg/Rose
Cr1tikal: Buck Dewey
Joel: Jenny
Vinny: Sour Cream
Jontron: Ametheyst
Cryaotic: Connie
Michael: Lars
Gavin: Sadie
JacksFilms: Lapis
Game Theorist: Ronaldo
Vanoss: Sugilite
Minx: Jasper
PBG: Mayor Dewey
Mortem3r: Stevonnie
Nash Grier: Onion
SwimmingBird: Pearl
Bob: Opal
Wade: Uncle Grandpa
JackCepticEye: Malachite