8/21/14 WOD

Ah yes, the bi-monthly ripfest. Time for gauze tape again.

Front squats:

  • 3x75#, 3x85, 3x95
  • 3x100, 3x105

PR - but could/should have gone up to 110. Again, struggling with unfamiliar weight territory caution; I never know how much is going to be too much when it gets that close to my max. I could always go five pounds too heavy and allow for a failure, but…yeah.

13:00 AMRAP

  • 5 power snatches
  • 7 toes to bar
  • 9 box jumps

7 + 2 @ 65#!

I tried to get away with a 55# bar; could not escape coach’s eyes and we had the ‘I don’t give a shit about your time, now up to 65 you go’ talk again - except this time I actually did something about it instead of grumping (is that a word?) my way through slow reps. This felt fantastic. I pretended it was 55 instead of 65 (yes, pretended, but it worked) and thought about speed and hip motion, and was able to do mostly all of them TnG. Not bad. (!!!)

Snatch victory overshadowed the pain of nearly all of my callouses peeling off in round 3. I also experienced the sensation of chalk in my eyes for the first time today. HOLY STING.

Happy Thursday!

I have been trying to think of a way to articulate this for days now without sounding like a snob and I haven’t thought of one yet, so here it goes. Since there is a general lack of information in every Ice Bucket Challenge video I have seen so far I’ll sum up what ALS is in the most simple terms. ALS basically destroys your nerve cells over time so that you slowly and painfully lose all control of your body. Each person who posts a video of themselves doing the Ice Bucket Challenge is supposed to donate money to fund research of the disease, or at least mention what it’s for. Note that the reason it’s a bucket of ice cold water is because ice momentarily numbs and/or paralyzes your muscles and is supposed to mimic the feeling of ALS is the most minuscule, minor way possible. Now on to my point. In case anyone out there is still reading and doesn’t know, my mom has Cystic Fibrosis. CF pretty much means that your body produces too much mucus and can’t operate normally. Which doesn’t sound like a big deal until you see someone you love lose so much weight that they are less than 90 pounds because they can’t properly disgust food without the help of umpteen pills, or until you see a tiny, beautiful woman that you care about more than anything in the universe being swallowed by her hospital bed. And then they get better. And then they get worse. And it happens over and over again until it’s over. It sounds like no big deal until you worry every day that it’s going to be the last time you talk to your mom because she has to sleep hooked up to oxygen so she can actually breathe at night. It sounds like no big deal, just a runny nose and some coughing until you see people give you dirty looks in restaurants for a disease that you can’t control. It truly seems like nothing until it effects you. But the thing is, it’s a huge deal. Just like ALS is a huge deal. And while I don’t think I know anyone with ALS, most of you do know someone with with a condition that is just as terrifying, just as sad, and just as serious as ALS if you’ve ever met my darling mother. So if you are going to half heartedly dump a bucket of lukewarm water over your head to get likes on Facebook or Instagram without so much as mentioning what it’s for or helping to raise money and awareness for ALS, think again. Remember that some people don’t get to dry off and feel normal again, and participating in a super cool, super fun social media fad is useless when you don’t mention what it’s for or fund any research of it. Do the Ice Bucket Challenge to take a stand against ALS instead of doing it just to look trendy on the internet. That is all okay goodbye.