3/4/15 WOD

2x50 single unders then
5:00 triple under practice

4 rounds with empty bar:
20sec hold at ankles
3 high hang power clean
3 low hang power clean
3 power clean
3 strict press
3 push jerk
3 high hang squat clean + push jerk

30 C&J for time (135/95)
4:15 @ 85#


I am learning a lot from Robertlee (o god what a name) already. Have never done a triple under in my life. Didn’t string any together but definitely got some today! And whipped myself badly in the process!

This guy trained extensively with USAW people, so we are in good hands.

I decided to scale Grace because honestly, 95 is a lot to push jerk for 30 reps for me, and I wanted to make sure I was cycling the cleans correctly and not rounding my back when doing TNG. Stuck to 3s. Felt good. (Last time I did Grace was 6:26 RX)

Not condemning Hangry Coach but I would have never scaled down 10# ever if he was there…I think with him it was a ‘you need to lift this heavy to debunk your self-doubts’ thing, and it never mattered how slow the time was. I needed that some days and probably will need it more in the future. But today was all about scaling to a level that would allow high intensity under 5 minutes.

Scaling when appropriate, resting and recovering are things that I’m about to get really vulnerable about. We are actually starting over here in terms of athlete/coach relationship and I’m going to try to be as open as possible. Strong people don’t have weak bases. :)

you guys totally proved my “omg I love my new mommy friends” to be so true yesterday/over night.
After work I rushed to my grandma’s house to check on her. I realized that my mom had my copy of the house key with her, so I stood for 15 minutes banging on her front door praying for her to come and open it to let me in. after that time I was so worried when I didnt see her at the door so I started to run around the house to the back door to break it and try and get it. while I was running thought the snow/ice she peeked her head into the window and told me to hold on. She walks with a walker so it took her about 5 minutes to get to the front door and she told me she was in the shower and didnt understand why I was so frantic. I found her phone off the hook and her cell phone off. she has problems with her legs going numb and her falling, and at 82 I told her she either needs to keep the cell phone on or get a life alert. sooo, theres that.

As some of you know, my best friend (and Hunter’s Godmommy) has a lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis. CF is a terminal illness that effects her respiratory and digestive system. on a good day/month/season, her lungs may function at 40% of their total capacity. By the grace of God she has been able to stay hospital free (except from when she gave birth to Preslee, which is a whole nother miracle in and of itself) for exactly 2 years. That stay was 45 days and involved the ICU, life support, and countless rude doctors coming in telling her she should think about terminating her miracle pregnancy (saying the drugs would kill her child or cause birth defects). Last week she went to the CF clinic that we have here at Johns Hopkins and she was told that if she wanted a chance to get better that she would have to admit herself into the hospital. The plan is a 5 day “tune up” to get a central line placed, the right medicines in her, and then home to finish a few weeks of IV meds at home.

so after all the stuff with my grandma I rushed to Trader Joe’s to buy groceries (literally ran through the store in 10 minutes for $150 worth of groceries) and then ran to Target to get new bottles for H (did research and purchased Dr Browns and I do NOT regret my decision), formula, and more bibs (because hes outgrown all his) and the weather was soooo icy last night that I left work at 4, and between all my stops and slow travel it was after 8 when I got home. I cooked dinner, rocked H to sleep 2x, and cooked 5 days worth of meals for Ashley’s husband, mom, and daughter.

“Gale didn’t say, “Katniss will pick whoever it will break her heart to give up,” or even “whoever she can’t live without.” Those would have implied I was motivated by a kind of passion. But my best friend predicts I will choose the person “I can’t survive without.”[…] At the moment, the choice would be simple. I can survive just fine without either of them.”