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cre: pethcoco

8/26/14 WOD

Good news: I have been consuming so much protein powder that our supply of disgusting play-doh tasting stuff is almost out, and as of Thursday I can go back to whey isolate! Have been waiting for this day for a while. ^.^

Back squats:
8x95# for warmup

PR - didn’t feel too heavy. Thought about doing an extra set at 130…next time.

11:00 EMOM
5 power cleans
5 burpees over bar

Occasionally you encounter those little devilish metcons that remind you of how much you suck at this stuff. Cough.

I used 90#, did the first 4 rounds TnG (a first for me at 90) and finished with ~30 seconds for rest. After that it started to fall apart and by 6:00 I was behind. Did the rest of it AMRAP-style. Have no clue how many rounds I ended up with. Something plus one. So: mildly pissed off about this, but got my first >80# TnG cleans! Yay…?

Also: ‘Your quads were already big when you came in here in March, but recently they’ve just been looking really jacked’ - a compliment from House Jeff that I will never forget

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