Here are some of Bethany’s drawings that have been seen in the upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars.

It appears that Bethany wasn’t much of a fan of Mrs D. After working analysing the pictures above we have come to a conclusion about the whole Mrs D and Bethany situation.  

  • Now we know that Mrs D was on the board of Radley
  • We think that perhaps Mrs D and Marion Toby’s mother weren’t that friendly towards each other and one night Bethany witnessed a fight between the two mothers break out.
  • Mrs D somehow grabbed Marion and took her to the roof and pushed her over the edge as seen in Bethany’s third and forth pictures above.
  • Bethany witness the whole thing and labelled Mrs D has a devil therefore she draws her like that.  

All photos are credit to PLLeeks on Facebook

          From that shy 13 year old girl, to the outgoing 18 year old star you                    are today. Your Motavators will stay till the end, and always                                                       support you.

                                             Congratulations Bethany.

It drives me up a wall when people say that sending Bethany to the Circle is the ‘best option for her if you care about her’. Moreso when she’s painted as happy and loving life in fandom and in game. Yes, this former slave hold-turned-Circle that has been confirmed one of the more abusive and fanatical towards mages is suddenly a happy and safe place because Bethany’s there. Either she’s lying in dialogue about it or she’s being willfully ignorant. Either way it paints a horrifying narrative.