Adam Tod Brown’s not afraid of that. In fact, he thinks it’d be the best way to go.

4 Ways the World Can Actually End (That Would Be Worth It)

#1. Neutron Star

A neutron star does exactly what you see there to anything in its path, which, ideally, will include us some day. Don’t take that to be negative. The world is going to end. It’s inevitable. Everything ends. Everything dies. When that comes to pass, this is what you want. Your world explodes and everything flies away. No muss, no fuss. There’s nothing to think about. There’s no time for questions. It’s perfect.

Almost every other apocalyptic scenario involves at least some chance of survival. It’s temporary survival, though. You’re just putting off the inevitable. You don’t want to see the aftermath, you want to see the event. Way less suffering that way.

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The apocalypse was quiet. It had a way about it, a certain charm. It could be called graceful. It was taking a long time.

People prepared for an apocalypse that they could take up arms against, bunker down with. People hoarded filtered water, canned corn, dry milk, batteries. They published books on how to get things done in the new post-world, a world that they always imagined as being much like our own, only missing one or two key things. They might imagine, for example, that survivors would reemerge onto a planet stripped of all vegetable and plant life. First, the animals would grow vicious and then starve. It would be important to hoard as many of these animals as possible, pack them in salt and hide them away to keep. You’d want to have a supply of emergency seed to grow in a secure location, maybe using sterilized soil that you had already hoarded. Then you’d want to gather a crew. One muscle man with a heart of gold, a scientist type, an engineer, a child, and somebody that you thought maybe you could love, if you survived long enough to love them.