Kitahara Rie and Mano Erina will have a double starring role in the TV Tokyo drama "Minna! Esper dayo! Bangai Hen ~Esper, to e iku~" (みんな!エスパーだよ!番外編~エスパー、都へ行く~). It’s a spin-off of the drama that ManoEri was in back in 2013. News articles have mentioned possible erotic scenes and Kitarie acted professionally with this direction, she was very happy to be able to work with people she admires. Rie is a fan of the director, Sion Sono, and felt a sense of fulfillment when she found out she was going to work with him. Kitarie is also very familiar with ManoEri’s work and was happy to act with a senpai like ManoEri!
Start date is April 3rd! GET EXCITED.

Additional info: Kitarie’s character’s name is Oya Tachibana and is a very serious member of her class committee.

Official page: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/esper/news/

Documentary of SKE48: The Tears of Idols – Special Interview (Kizaki Yuria)

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Youweren’t there when the production of the Documentary was announced during theSpecial Performance Celebrating SKE’s 6th Anniversary, were you?

Yuria: Yeah, I heard about it afterwards and as soon as I did, I knew for sure I would’ve ended up crying when I watched it. Just a bit ago, as I was putting my make up on, I was about to start crying watching the DVD, but since I knew I had the interview, I kept watching while pressing a cotton swab on the inner corner of my eyes, in order to avoid crying.  (laughs)

What’s the most emotionally moving part in your opinion?

Yuria: I’d say the clips about the 1st gen members. I watched them while thinking about how those are the seniors who’ve been building the SKE48 I love so much.

Speaking of a big event regarding your own self, that would be the transfer to AKB, am I correct?

Yuria: Every single event has been big in its own way, but yeah, I guess that’s the biggest of them all. During that period so many people were telling me how SKE’s future was all on me, so it felt extremely weird. I also talked about it in the movie, but that one period really made me think about lots of things.

You came back after a while for the Request Hour in Spring.

Yuria: I sang [Shoujo wa Manatsu ni nani wo suru?] with all the other 3rd generation members and, before doing it, Yukko (Kinoshita Yukiko) said: “I’m gonna cry”. At first I was confused, because I couldn’t get exactly in what part of that particular song she’d feel like crying, but in the end I turned out to be the one starting to cry first (laughs)

It’s just like the title says, isn’t it? The Tears of Idols. Are there any other tears that you remember in a particularly intense way?

Yuria: The firsts that come to mind are the ones I shed when Yukko and Ogichan (Ogiso Shiori) were chosen to join the senbatsu for [Aozora Kataomoi]. A part of me was happy for them, but another one felt very frustrated and I remember how I even told my parents: “I’m going to quit!” (laughs).
They told me I was just running away, and we started a huge quarrel. So yeah, there also are these tears, the kind we don’t show to fans.

I guess the complex feelings you felt also derived from those members being of your same generation.

Yuria: Us 3rd generation members also happen to share the feeling of being “the firsts”, in a way. We were the first generation who started off as research students, after all.

Now that you can look at SKE48 while being one step away from it, is there something you want to convey to the members?

Yuria: Even though I believe there will always be things we’ll slowly forget as days and months pass by, I really want for them all to treasure their original driving determination and motivation.
This is something I also constantly remind my own of.