start 2015 off with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. on new years eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year


Ich wollte auch so eine Adventskalenderaktion starten, zum mitmachen einfach diesen Post favorisieren (bis zum 29.11.2014 23:59Uhr). Ich such mir für jeden Tag ein Blog aus, den ich dann auf meinem Blog vorstellen werde.

  1. Ihr müsst mir folgen.
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  3. Viel Glück 

wowsuchfoodwow asked:

I'm literally tired of all this ferguson stuff. let it go. this officer probably learned his lesson and feels bad get what he has done and I junk he just wanted to protect himself

alright pack it up guys this poor individual feels tired and inconvenienced towards the subject :(

When I go to bed, half the time I’m not really sleeping. I’m usually lying there making up scenarios in my head.

Support love, tolerance and acceptance.


I made a gay rights badge! :)

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Se apaixonar mais de uma vez não é uma verdade, é um fato. A verdade é que em meio a todas essas paixões, nenhuma será como a primeira.