AU: 5sos are at an interview and the interviewer asks about Luke’s girlfriend and addresses her, and Luke talks about how she doesn’t like being cheesy, and Ashton says how he thinks it’s so weird because Luke and his girlfriend call each other swears and mean names and Luke just says that you do so because you love each other.

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After going back to rewatch the scene when we saw A breaking into Mona’s house the two different scenes showed A having two different hair lengths.

The first image above looks quite a lot like Alison’s hair colour, length and curls where as the next image shows what A’s hair looked like when he/she walked into Mona’s room. The hair is a lot darker and shorter. So this is what we are thinking…

  • Either is is a production error and they want us to truly believe it’s Alison that killed Mona.
  • That perhaps there was two different people inside Mona’s house that killed her. Perhaps Alison and Cece (that is if Cece is back from France)  that would link to the hair.
  • Or its a completely different A person and they were wearing a wig to play on Mona’s emotions.

Thanks again to lifeisforlivinggggg and brityoung11 for the tip!


I’m back!

I recently did a portfolio shoot to update my book and we threw in some fashion looks and I wanted to share this look I recently created! Stripes have been on my list of things to add to my closet and it fits my theme of basic looks. It easy to dress up or dress down this look and the whole ensemble was under 20 dollars! I owe a lot to thrift stores for all of the recent additions to my closet.

Stripped top - Local thrift store // $2.00Pants - Forever 21 // On sale // 8.50
Fioni Heels -  Goodwill // 9.00

Stay tuned for more looks to come! I have a lot of updates to make.