Airship, of course! I can’t think of a vehicle that is more steampunk, and therefore a better way to start this.

Fun fact: in 1670 the first description of an airship was published by Francesco Lana de Terzi, but it wasn’t until 1852 when someone would actually fly in a steam-powered airship (like the ones we steampunkers love), the man who flew this dirigible was Henri Griffard and he flew 27 kilometres in it.

Anyway, here is a site completely dedicated to them and for the lucky ones who have a 3D printer at their disposal, this is a tutorial that shows you how to make one!

Ariana Grande - My Everything (Deluxe)

01 Intro:

02 Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea):

03 One Last Time:

04 Why Try:

05 Break Free (feat. Zedd):

06 Best Mistake (feat. Big Sean):

07 Be My Baby (feat. Cashmere Cat):

08 Break Your Heart Right Back (feat. Childish Gambino):

09 Love Me Harder:

10 A Little Bit of Your Heart:

11 Hands On Me (feat. A$ap Ferg):

12 My Everything:

13 Bang Bang:

14 Only 1:

15 You Don’t Know Me:


18 Baby I (feat. Taro Hakase) [Japan Bonus Track]:

19 Problem (Spanglish Version) [feat. Iggy Azalea & Bavin] (LatinoAmerican Edition):


anonymous said:

Entwickelst du schnell Gefühle??

ihr fragt fragen, die man eigentlich nicht beantworten kann. das kann man doch nicht festlegen wie schnell man sich in jemanden verliebt oder? kennst du das, wenn manchmal diese fake-gefühle entwickelt nur weil man sich so sehr nach nähe und geborgenheit sehnt?

anonymous said:

I don't know if I can handle watching mix and match T___T

Remember this fa


and the happiness they had when they were performing at ygfc. Remember that they have all those smiles on their faces even tho they are filming m&m. This means that they are being strong and i’m sure they want us to be too. Let’s endure whatever pain we’ll go thru because it’s x10000 for em. 

sydbug1dlove said:

Does it bother you when people use gay as an adjective? Ps love your page, me and my math group talk about Larry in math a lot... 😊

By this, I’m assuming you meant in a degrading way and of course I do. I always correct my friends and cousins when they say, “That’s so gay.” I point out that there is a dictionary full of things they could use and that gay is not a synonym for stupid, weird, lame, etc. Thank you for the ask. -Chloe∞

anonymous said:

This mix & match survival show is such bs. As if Team B hasn't gone through enough. As if Team B fans haven't been through enough. YG.... idek anymore. On top of that he leads fans on by letting Team B participate in YG Family concerts.

Ya know wut YG just needs to be in a ceo survival show against seungri lol.