Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons as a Horror Movie

She fought back a scream as she watched the body hit the ground. Her feet were rooted to the spot, and she could only watch helplessly as the murderer slowly raised its head and looked directly at her.
She counted off the seconds in her head as the murderer came closer, bloody knife glinting, and tried to make her feet move, even a step or two back. But she had gone stiff, too terrified to make any sudden movements.
She braced for the blow when a sudden blast from overhead knocked her back.


Edit, since my original post was rather confusing I need to clear something (and update since TLoL trailer is out now, yay).

First, I signed every picture, to prevent other users from getting confuse over TLoL and BD screenshots. 

Second, my intentions. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to criticize FuRuy’s new game - The Legend of Legacy. I just wanted to share something I found interesting:) Namely, terrain similarities between BD location: Caldisla and one of TLoL locations (I don’t know the name) excluding the buildings.

The TLoL trailer is out since yesterday, so it’ll help me to explain my point. I added full view of Caldisla and TLoL location. Castle placed on the top of a mountain is not really unusual, so it doesn’t count, but I marked the tier difference with dotted line on both pictures, anyway. However, I find the fact that paths layout, not to mention the location of place makred with circle, is a way too similar to Caldisla and it’s really disturbing. Another thing is that both are placed near ocean, I know it’s on different sides, but still.

I don’t think it was their intention to mimic BD, but I find this coincidence really unfortunate.

Original text:

Yesterday, I saw this screenshot from The Legend of Legacy and it’s not only resemblance BD style, but also I couln’t help feeling that it looks almost like an origin of Caldisla.